Wednesday, May 1, 2013

16 Month Update

Wow!  How did the month of April pass me by with just one blog post?  So I guess we'll start anew in May!  One of the reasons I haven't written lately is I have been so burdened by a friend from Oklahoma's recent diagnosis with a rare cancer.  Everything I have considered writing seems so trite and shallow compared to the weight of what her and her family are facing.  If you want to follow along with her journey and labor for her in prayer, this is her blog.

I have had a 15 month blog post for this little guy swirling in my mind...except 15 months came and went, and now he is 16 months!  It's really hard to believe that Elliott was just a couple weeks older than Mason is now when he was born!  He still seems like such a baby!  All I can say is I'm thankful to not be delivering another baby this month.
 Mason FINALLY started walking when he was 15 months old.  The little guy took his sweet time!  He LOVES it and I am so thankful.  He still has quite a few spills (especially on uneven ground and when his sister pushes him down), but he is improving by the day.  I love to see him try to "run."
 This is a picture from when he first started walking.  Love the little straight-legged baby walk!  Worst thing about a walking child...I now feel he should probably wear shoes when we go out.  It may not sound like much but it's one more clothing item that has to be found and put on a very squirmy child.
 He has also started saying more words this month.  Yay!  Also slow to develop.  When we saw the pediatrician at his year well baby check-up, we was literally not saying a single word.  Not one.  Now he says mama, dada, more (which he usually screams), uh oh (his favorite), go, and has started mimicking lots of words.  My favorite is when he says "T" (what E calls our dog Truman).
He loves playing outside (which we have finally been able to do lately without heavy coats) and especially likes trying to eat sticks and dirts.  He also has been obsessed lately with washing his hands, water from any spout, splashing, and swinging.  I think he is much more laid back than E was at this age, but he still has strong opinions and is NOT afraid to express them (usually by high pitched screaming).  He is my little picky child and will NOT eat something I put in front of him if he doesn't want it, even if he is hungry, and don't even think about feeding him the same meal twice (unless it's cheese).  His favorite meal time activity is throwing food on the ground.  Also trying to use a fork.

He has been getting his molars which has made for more fussiness, but generally he is such a happy little guy.  He loves his mama which never fails to  He always reaches me, finds me in a room, and prefers me to hold him.  I know this won't always be the case but for now it blesses me.  This little guys brings me so much joy...makes me laugh and makes my heart feel light.  I'm so thankful for his life!
 And I had to post a few pics of sweet E.  She also is thrilled at the warm weather and all the outdoor activities that become possible.
Raising children certainly isn't for the faint-hearted, but I'm so thankful God allowed me to become a mama.  Love my sweet babies!