Monday, August 31, 2009

The plunge

Well, we finally did it...we took the plunge and bought a new TV. It felt like a rash decision, but then I remembered we have been looking for at least a full year without ever committing. We're pretty excited we have finally joined the HD world!
Our sad old TV
New and improved

I must say I do feel a little sad for our old TV, sitting out in the dusty garage. It has such a great story behind it. When we were living in CT apartments when we were first married, we accumulated most of our furniture from garage sales and hand-me-downs. Well, one Saturday while garage saling, we found a beautiful, sturdy wood armoire. We thought it would be perfect for our TV, but we wanted to stain it a darker wood. Again, who would have imagined it would be such a huge task. We spent weeks sanding the stupid armoire, and that didn't even include the staining and top coat (all on our small balcony I might add). The moment finally came where we got to put the TV in our beautiful, new armoire. As Kevin went to slide the TV in, we realized the TV did NOT fit...we had never measured and just assumed it would. Talk about devastating disappointment! We had spent so much time on our crazy armoire that we couldn't imagine getting rid of it, so our sweet friends and neighbors who lived below us offered to let us take their TV and we gave them ours. So we downsized and have had it ever since. Good story, right?

Monday, August 24, 2009

The eventual fence

So, we (and by we I mean Kev) are still working on the fence project. Isn't it true that house projects, no matter how simple or basic, always take longer than you expect? Maybe it isn't true in your house, but it is definitely true in ours. I have to give Kev a lot of credit because house projects are really not his cup of tea, but usually I end up persuading him that a project will not be that difficult and will definitely be worth it because look at all the money we are saving. Famous last words.
If you remember in my last post, Kev started working on the fence last weekend when we went dress shopping. His goal was to finish it on Sunday, but no such luck there. My favorite part about the whole thing is Kev admitted later that he secretly thought he might be able to both start AND finish the whole project on Saturday. Love it. Poor Kev has been coming home from work everyday and going straight to working on the fence. I had the honor of helping him one night (he was unable to find any available guys), and by the end of the night, I had splinters in my hands and mosquito bites covering my legs. I think I might have been a little whiney as well (it was harder than I realized).
The only one who has benefited from this whole process is Truman. To his delight, he has been able to roam in THREE backyards...he doesn't know what to do with himself. However, we think he made himself sick one day because he ate rotten peaches in the yard behind us. Delicious.
Kev's new goal is to finish the fence tomorrow...I'll let you know how it goes.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Wedding dresses

So my youngest sister is getting married...last of the three girls. My mom, 2 sisters, and my sister's fiance came to Oklahoma this past weekend for a little wedding dress shopping. You may ask, why Oklahoma City? But you have to realize, OKC is big city compared to Amarillo. Both Anja and I bought our dresses here (and I also bought my prom dress, that was a long time ago!). After an exhausting day, we found a beautiful dress that Lacey loved. So exciting! Also, as an added plus, we found bridesmaid dresses as well. While we were shopping, poor Kev and Marcus were building our fence. What a huge project! Pictures of the fence to follow.
Walking around beautiful!

At the dress shop with the sisters.

It makes me really sad to not be able to post any of the pictures of Lacey in her dress, but I think that would be cheating. Plus, she might get really mad at me. Soon enough I guess.