Friday, December 11, 2009

The weekend!

This really is not that exciting, but I just wanted to tell you guys I am sooo excited for this weekend! Why? Well first of all, we have a whole lot of nothing it! Also, Kev was gone for 5 days on a silly work trip, and he finally got home yesterday. It is amazing how much I miss him when he's gone. My life is so boring without him! I am so very thankful for my sweet husband, and I'm so glad he made it home safely.

To start off the weekend, we are going to bake cookies tonight, wrap presents, and maybe even watch a Christmas movie. Gotta get in the spirit! I wanted to make sugar cookies, but Kev informed me he does not like sugar cookies and wanted chocolate chip. It always amazes me when I find random new things out about Kev (like you think I would have known he didn't like sugar cookies). I actually hope I'm always finding new stuff about Kev.

So, I've got my comfy clothes on, and I'm all ready to snuggle in for the night...

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