Monday, January 4, 2010

Nebraska cold

So, I must say, cold weather and I do not agree. We went to Nebraska this past weekend to visit my grandparents, and they were having record cold weather. Let me tell you, record cold weather for Nebraska is pretty darn cold. The high the whole time we were there was 4 degrees...that's right, 4 degrees. The low was -9 degrees. Not to mention they have already gotten 27 inches of snow this year, and it snowed 4 or 5 inches while we were there.

Let me tell you, there is not much you want to do when it's that cold except stay inside. Our poor Camry had serious issues dealing with the cold. There was literally constantly ice on the inside of our never could warm enough to melt it so it was like driving around in a little cocoon. Maybe I'm being a little dramatic but it was cold...have I mentioned it was cold? It was great to see family and we made it back alive, so I figure the trip was a success.

I do need some help. I realized yesterday I actually somehow started following my own blog. Not really sure how it happened or how to do anything about it, but any advice would be much appreciated. I feel silly seeing our picture under followers.


  1. I'm totally a follower of my own blog, but I don't mind since it gives me more followers! I'm not sure how to remove it...

  2. I am not enjoying the freezing cold temperatures this winter at all. I miss you!