Friday, May 4, 2012

For my mother

Who carried me for 9 long months.
Who was there for the birth of both of my children.

Who kissed my booboos when I fell and wiped away my tears.

Who showed me how to bath a baby and how to get them to asleep.
Who has always been my biggest fan.

Who has always prayed for me (and now my family).

Who sacrificed everything to be the best mom possible.
Who never fails to tell me "I love you."

Who always cares about my "health problems" and tells me to take Vitamin C.

Who is the best Mimi/Momo EVER!!
Who always listens.

Who rejoices with me when I rejoice.
Who laughs with me and cries with me.
Who points me back to Christ.

Who was patient and loving through my know-it-all teen years.

Who almost always answers when I call.

Who loves me endlessly.
 We love you SO much Mom!!

Happy Birthday.


  1. This post almost made me cry. I love my mom the same way, and can't even describe what a blessing they are to us.

  2. This did make me cry ;) so sweet.