Thursday, August 9, 2012

More party pics...

Party pics...brings back memories of good ol' college days.  However, these pictures are so much more meaningful to me.  As I promised, more pictures from Elliott's birthday.
Present time.
Party in the ball pit.
2 cupcakes with 2 candles.
Who wouldn't want to lick icing off the cupcake?
 Miss Brette with the little man.
Their faces kill me.  Love it!
Sweet little guy.
Such a precious picture!
Who would have thought her princess tent would be such a big hit?
Sweet Olivia.
So thankful for these ladies!

Little man.
 Cheese.  Could they get any cuter?
Love our little fam!


  1. The party was so cute!! Can't believe she is already two years old!

  2. What great pictures! Looks like a super fun party. Sorry we missed it. Especially because those cupcakes look AMAZING!