Sunday, September 16, 2012

Random thoughts

I can't believe it is already Sunday night.  We've had such a good weekend, but why do weekends fly by?

There was an Open Book event at the library that we decided to go to on Saturday.  It was basically a day with all kinds of event for kiddos, but the BIG attraction was people dressed up as Curious George, Llama Llama, Cat in the Hat, Clifford, etc.  Life with kids...this is how we spend our weekends. :) It actually was really fun, but I wasn't sure what Miss E would think of the characters.  We talked a lot about them before hand, and she was really excited...before she saw them.  Then she was absolutely, completely petrified.  She liked looking at them from a distance, but don't even THINK about trying to get a picture of her with them.  Instead we got a hilarious video of her avoiding them.  Oh our sweet little girl.

We were able to go with our BFFs, M and Kate, and in true form, the girls could not have been any more different.  M was a HUGE fan of George and Llama Llama and gave them multiple hugs.  When we got home, Elliott wouldn't quit talking about how Llama Llama was "so big" and "M so little."  After staring at the characters, we went to a banjo/singing/dancing show.  Side note...who in their right mind would want to be a children's performer?  I was exhausted just watching the guy, and even more tired from all the "dances" (and we left halfway through the show).  Elliott loved the singing/clapping/jumping/craziness, while M was less than impressed.  Thankful the girls love each other even though they're so different!
Waiting for the show.

We also got some MAJOR work done on the whole room swappage.  You thought we'd be done by now?  That makes two of us.  I'm not sure why, but I was assuming we could get this whole switcheroo done in an afternoon.  Boy was I wrong.  We got the major furniture moved that afternoon, but all the clothes, book shelves, toys, etc have been switched in stages.  It's REALLY hard accomplishing pretty much anything with small children.  So the good news is we've basically gotten everything switched, gone through all the toys to organize/de-clutter the room, but we still don't have anything on the wall.  I'm just thankful I won't have to creep into the kids' room to get my shoes while they're sleeping.  As far as how the room sharing is going, they actually haven't done a lot of room sharing yet.  We still have Mason sleeping in the pack n play in the office connected to our room.  He has been sleeping SO good and has been sleeping until 7 almost every morning.  And my last feeding is not 7 or 8!!  Major accomplishment!!  

I have let them take several naps together in the same room which has worked out okay, not great.  The first time I laid them both down awake, E cried for a while, then crawled our her crib, and I found her climbed on Mason's crib talking to him.  Sweet, but not good for sleeping.  She hasn't crawled out again, but I have really been unsure on whether or not I should switch her to a toddler bed.  I'm sure she would love the freedom, but I'm pretty sure it would be a battle to keep her in her bed.  I could be wrong, but it seems like pretty much everything is a battle with this little firecracker.  I guess for now we'll just continue working on naps together.  Not sure I'm ready to give up a full nights rest yet. :)
 Drawing in her baby's stroller.  Good thing this thing is sturdy enough to hold a 30+ pound child.
 We don't have cable so we watch shows on Netflix.  Gotta love Curious George!
 Elliott LOVES being in the crib together.

She's been so sweet to Mason lately.  She always asks, "Where Masey go?" if he's not with me.  Such a change from when he was first born!

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