Wednesday, May 30, 2012

The great vacation.

No, I haven't fallen off the face of the planet.  I haven't moved...we already did that.  Life happened.  And sometimes life doesn't slow down enough to write blog posts.  Among the significant things that happened in the last 4 weeks...
finished the Whole30
Kev completed his first year in his PhD (only 5 more years to go)
we went on a fantastic vacation to visit family.

I realized that for at least the next 5 (maybe more), our vacations will most likely be dominated by trips home to see family.  Because lets face, if we pay money and take time off, we want to see people we love.  We're blessed to have families who know us well and still love us.  First we traveled to Oklahoma to see Kev's family.  I know this is a lot of pictures and probably no one wants to see all these except our family, but here goes...

The first couple of days in OK we got to go to our good friend Stuart's graduation from law school.  What a major accomplishment!  We were so thankful to get to celebrate with our friends!  You guys are our inspiration.  Seriously.
We spent LOTS of time playing in Grandpa and Grandma's backyard.  Miss E was a major fan of their swimming pool and sandbox.  A very dirty combination.
Little man chilling with Gigi.
The newest addition.  Such a cutie pie!
One of the highlights to the week was our trip downtown.  We didn't even intend to go to the splash pad, but the kids LOVED it.  Why is spontaneous fun always the best?
E loved the splash pad and ran around like a lunatic trying to drink the water.  Silly girl.
Have I mentioned she is obsessed with WATER?  Like crazy obsessed.  When she sees water, she wants to step in it, sit in it, drink it, pour it, all while saying "water."  Maybe this is a toddler thing but it's slightly hilarious...except she was saying this as she was running along the open edges of the canal.  I was slightly fearful she might just leap in (and subsequently sink like a log), but thankfully that didn't happen.
Mason chilling in the stroller while the older kids played.  Thank you Lord for a chill baby.
Boat ride down the canal.
Waiting for the boat.
Dinner at Coaches.  Love this pic.
 A trip to OK is not complete without a little walk down memory lane...the college years.
 OU's campus never gets old.
 Continuing the water obsession.
 We ended the trip with a little double date to Iron Starr and Sara Sara's cupcakes.

We had a wonderful time seeing family, so many good friends (many who we obviously forgot to take pictures with) and coworkers, yummy Mexican food (Indiana doesn't have ANYTHING on Ted's), and left with a newly acquired love (and tshirts) for the Thunder.  Then we drove to Texas...

Saturday, May 5, 2012

Two in one

Birthday parties that is.  Elliott has not really had many birthday parties to go to, but we just happened to have TWO scheduled in ONE day.  What's better than one cupcakes?  TWO cupcakes.  Elliott was a big fan.
 First we had the Minnie Mouse party with Miss Eliza.
 Chowing down on some yummy cupcakes.
 Super cute Minnie Mouse cupcakes.
 Mason got to go to the party too.  He looks like such a chunk in this picture.
 Fun time in the tent.  Such a fun birthday gift!
 Then party number two for Miss Olivia.
The princess party!

We all had such a fun day, but two parties made for a tired little girl and an especially tired mommy. :)

Friday, May 4, 2012

For my mother

Who carried me for 9 long months.
Who was there for the birth of both of my children.

Who kissed my booboos when I fell and wiped away my tears.

Who showed me how to bath a baby and how to get them to asleep.
Who has always been my biggest fan.

Who has always prayed for me (and now my family).

Who sacrificed everything to be the best mom possible.
Who never fails to tell me "I love you."

Who always cares about my "health problems" and tells me to take Vitamin C.

Who is the best Mimi/Momo EVER!!
Who always listens.

Who rejoices with me when I rejoice.
Who laughs with me and cries with me.
Who points me back to Christ.

Who was patient and loving through my know-it-all teen years.

Who almost always answers when I call.

Who loves me endlessly.
 We love you SO much Mom!!

Happy Birthday.