Tuesday, June 18, 2013

New addition

We've got a new addition to our family...

we call him Crabbie.
 We are always on the look-out for good outdoor toys because we love being outside, but it's SO hard to guess what kids will actually enjoy.  I hate to spend lots of money on something and then they not even be interested.  I keep thinking we'll look at garage sales, but if that were to happen, I would need someone else to GO to garage sales for me.  Any takers?
 We've thought about getting a sandbox for a while, but hesitated because of the reason above and just how messy they are.
 We finally broke down and it's been a major hit.  Love me some little sandy feet!
 "Look mom!  I poured sand all over my pants!"  It's the little things that make this guy excited.
Don't get me wrong...it is messy.  We've upped baths to a nightly event because sand gets EVERYWHERE!  Also, I've noticed a lot more sand in the kitchen...in the bathroom...basically every room, magnified by wood floors.  But sometimes the moments of fun outweigh a clean house (not that our house is that clean...we have two walkers that make it their mission to destruct any minute they are awake).  The other big challenge is keeping the sand IN the sandbox.  Sounds simple, but why does it seem way more fun to dump the sand OUT?
My little photogenic boy...always ready for a picture.
 My sweet daughter, who refuses to look at the camera (she just happened to be telling me a story in this picture).
 And my hot husband...who I'm sure would love to know I put his picture on the blog.  Good thing he doesn't check it. :)

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  1. New addition??!! I got so excited for something else, haha. kids and hubby are cute though ;)