Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Potty training adventures

Potty training.  Hilarious, but not so funny at times.  Totally mind-boggling.  Day-to-day.  Exciting and at times totally defeating.  A work in progress.

Potty training is going slowly and surely at our house.  Here are a few things I've learned in the past couple of weeks. 
  • Miss E is not motivated by stickers, stars, or candy.  She goes when she wants to, not EVER when I suggest (I still feel like I need to ask her a million times).  I tried to set a timer at first so she would at least sit on the potty regularly.  That worked...NEVER. 
  • Potty training (for us) did not happen in a weekend.  The result?  We leave the house...a lot.  Therefore it's a constant battle knowing whether or not to make her wear a diaper for our outings.  I've felt pretty brave lately and let her wear panties out several times.  The good news is she peed in the potty at the mall.  The bad news is she pooped in her panties when we were over at a friend's house for dinner.
  • Accidents can be really traumatic!  Oh the drama...
  • Princess panties are a great motivator.
  • I never knew I would be SO excited to have my child poop in the toilet.  This is apparently, not as easy to learn as I remembered. 
  • Following the last point, it's very difficult for a toddler to fully empty their bladder/etc when they're so excited at what's happening.
All in all, Miss E is doing pretty amazing.  In some ways her independence is helpful (she will go to the bathroom without prompting, all by herself), but in some ways it can mean a battle (she doesn't want to put a diaper on for a nap, I can't make her sit on the toilet if she doesn't want to).  She had only one very small accident today, and a couple days ago she was accident free.  Our biggest struggle lately is not peeing, but in the pooping department.  I'm sure this must be common, but it's difficult to know quite how to deal with it.

Today, I'm thankful for pooping in the potty!  It's the small joys in life...

Monday, February 18, 2013

2.5 years old

Two and a half years old.  Closer to three than two.  Where did the time go?  Our little girl is growing up so fast and she is always quick to correct me that "Macey's the baby" but she's a "big girl."  She is such a ball of life and energy.  She does everything whole heartedly, with such zeal.  She is still our little introvert and it takes her a long time to warm up to people, and yet when she does, she loves whole-heartedly.  She talks about people she loves constantly...no matter the distance that separates them.  
She can be so sweet one moment and then completely ornery the next.  This particularly pertains to her little brother most recently.  She loves her "Macey" and insists that they play in the tent together, on the bed, etc.  She loves to make him laugh in the car when they're riding side by side.  She loves to wrestle with him and play catch together.  Until a mean streak hits...then she wants to take his toys away and put them places he can't reach.  Says he's "pinching/touching me" when they're riding side by side in the car.  She just occasionally wants to be mean and he is the recipient of this most often.
She LOVES band aids as evidenced by this picture.  She went through a phase several weeks ago where she insisted on wearing band aids on her forehead.  I decided it wasn't a battle worth fighting, so we got lots of questions on what she had done to her forehead.  Thankfully, she has moved on to putting them on her fingers.  She now only asks for two at a time, because it makes her really sad when we run out.  She also loves her princess panties (as seen in my last post), so much so that she wanted to bring them INTO Target yesterday.  We tried to convince her to leave them in the car, put them in her pocket, in my purse but she could not be convinced.  So we were that family with their young daughter swinging her panties all around, completely oblivious to how strange it all looked (she did still have a diaper and pants on...just to clarify).
 She also loves painting, drawing with pens or markers (never crayons), stickers, climbing and jumping, playing chase, and reading books.  Kev usually takes the kids to the library weekly so her favorites are constantly changing.  She has really enjoyed reading all of the Knuffle Bunny books lately, The Gruffalo books, Llama llama books, and Clifford.  She also likes her Story Bible, lately David and Goliath, Zacchaeus, and Jesus' death and resurrection.  She loves her daddy and has insisted he put her to bed lately.  Every night.
She is still our little early bird and wakes up anywhere between 5:30 and 6:30.  Since we dealt with so many months that she was frequently getting out of her bed in the middle of the night, waking up early doesn't really seem that bad.  She is usually raring to go in the morning and immediately wants to change into her clothes for the day (which she of course wants to pick).  She still doesn't love going to bed or down for naps but she is a girl who desperately needs her sleep.  It is OBVIOUS when she has not gotten enough sleep.
She still doesn't really play with many toys.  She does like playing with balls and has started to pretend more with inanimate objects.  She does play with puzzles some, but she has never loved babies/dolls.  She does however love princesses.  I'm not sure why she likes them so much.  We've only seen a couple princess movies.  It probably doesn't help that princesses are everywhere...food items, band aids, clothes, balloons.  You basically can't go anywhere without seeing princess-something somewhere. 
 She still has so many strong opinions and I still struggle knowing whether or not it's just her age or her personality.  She insists on choosing her clothes, which is tough because she rarely matches.  She also loves changing her pants multiple times a day so I never know what she'll end up with.  She also insists on wearing her puffy purple coat lately and will only wear her boots if I am wearing boots as well.  There are benefits to her independent spirit...she can easily crawl in her car seat, get her water/milk cup no matter where it is, get in and out of every door, put most of her clothes on and take all of her clothes off, hoist herself onto a normal toilet, and I even found her trying to change her own diaper today (unsuccessfully I might add).  She does not want help until she asks for it which can be incredibly infuriating but definitely saves frustration if you know that.

Miss E has brought unspeakable joy to our lives and is definitely teaching me more than I think I am able to teach her.  We're so thankful for this gift God has given us!

Saturday, February 16, 2013

And it begins...

The potty training adventure.  I have heard stories from multiple moms, read the best "techniques," but I still don't think it has prepared me.  Probably because every kid is different.  There isn't one size fits all in the potty training department (although that sounds so much easier to me).  I don't really feel like we've really jumped into full-time potty training, we're just dabbling in it.

It all started with a pair of panties...princess panties to be specific.  My mom sent E princess panties in her Valentine's package, and the girl loves princesses so she insisted on wearing them.  So I figured how could I keep her from peeing in the potty if she wanted to, so what the heck, let's see what happens.  What happened the first day was lots of accidents...which meant lots of pee on the floor (thankfully no poop).  I made the mistake of promising an m&m if she went in the potty which promptly led to a complete meltdown because she couldn't have m&ms immediately.  By noon, I think she was feeling frustrated, and she said, "I need to wear my diaper mommy."  Sounds good.

Day two, she woke up wanting to wear panties and peed and pooped in the potty multiple times.  Success!  I admit I had fleeting thoughts of being able to tell people my daughter didn't have any accidents her second day to wear underwear.  Those thoughts were fleeting indeed because she did in fact have accidents, and by noon she wanted her diaper again.

Since then, it's been hit or miss.  Sometimes she wants to wear panties, sometimes she doesn't.  And the thing about Miss E is she doesn't do anything half-heartedly.  If she has her mind made up she wants to wear a diaper, by golly she is going to wear a diaper and visa versa.  This really hampers our schedule.  She usually wants to wear her panties when we're about to run errands, etc and Lord knows she's not ready to be in public in her big girl panties.  I have found that she pees in clusters.  She'll go a little bit every 5 or 10 minutes which makes me wonder if she just doesn't know how to fully empty her bladder.  Also, she decided she no longer wanted to use her little potty (which was actually kind of disgusting to me), so she now pulls herself onto the big toilet, all by herself.  It's a wonder she can pee with her legs straddling the toilet.  Looks incredibly uncomfortable.  But at least I don't have to clean the little potty.

So I really have no idea what is going to happen.  I assume eventually she will learn to go pee pee in the toilet consistently, but I'm not really sure what her time line will be.  I don't know if we should designate a weekend devoted to potty training but my fear is if she is not in the mood, I think it would be more frustrating than productive.  Or should we let her govern the steps?  The thing potty training has made me realize is I'm not that patient.  It can be exhausting sitting by her, thinking she needs to go, her getting so frustrated, only to have nothing happen.  We're both learning through this process...

Saturday, February 9, 2013


I have mixed emotions regarding the snow.  I love it.  The breathtaking beauty as you watch giant flakes drift to the ground, transforming the world you know into a new and magical place.  I could sit for hours on my couch watching it fall (not that I ever have the opportunity to do this).  In my opinion, the snow makes my house feel cozier and my coffee taste better.  I'll never tire of seeing the wonder on my children's faces as a snowflake hits their face.  Or hearing E's laughter as she plays outside.
I would really miss the snow if we lived in a moderate climate where it never snowed.  
Last winter was apparently the most mild winter this area has seen in years.  I wondered why I didn't feel like it was too bad.  I hardly had to break out all the winter gear we had purchased.  This year has felt mild, but then it started snowing.  And kept snowing.  And snowed for at least a week, every day, almost all day.  In some ways I thought we should have more snow for how much it snowed.
We got to spend a perfect day, during the snow falling, doing a perfect winter activity...sledding.  It was cold, but well worth it.  I'm so thankful for my sweet husband who is a kid at heart and was more excited to sled than they were.  This balances me out, because unfortunately, I tend to fall into the boring adult category.
It was a perfect day.  A perfect moment.  I tried to take it all in, capture some of the perfection in pictures knowing I would fail miserably.
The snow makes me thankful for the following things:
a garage, so I don't have to scrape my windows every morning
heaters in my house and car
a house and car
warm coats
What I don't love about the snow is what it looks like after it falls.  When the pristine beauty is replaced by dirty brown snow.  When it sticks around far beyond when it is welcome.  When it is a reminder that spring is not near, and now we have ugly snow and really cold weather.  I also am not crazy about the fact that I have to dress the kids in multiple layers every time we leave the house.  This typically involves me chasing someone while trying to bark orders for E to put her shoes on and pick her jacket (because Lord knows she doesn't want to wear what I choose).
I have certainly loved the snow this winter, but I won't argue when spring comes.