Saturday, February 9, 2013


I have mixed emotions regarding the snow.  I love it.  The breathtaking beauty as you watch giant flakes drift to the ground, transforming the world you know into a new and magical place.  I could sit for hours on my couch watching it fall (not that I ever have the opportunity to do this).  In my opinion, the snow makes my house feel cozier and my coffee taste better.  I'll never tire of seeing the wonder on my children's faces as a snowflake hits their face.  Or hearing E's laughter as she plays outside.
I would really miss the snow if we lived in a moderate climate where it never snowed.  
Last winter was apparently the most mild winter this area has seen in years.  I wondered why I didn't feel like it was too bad.  I hardly had to break out all the winter gear we had purchased.  This year has felt mild, but then it started snowing.  And kept snowing.  And snowed for at least a week, every day, almost all day.  In some ways I thought we should have more snow for how much it snowed.
We got to spend a perfect day, during the snow falling, doing a perfect winter activity...sledding.  It was cold, but well worth it.  I'm so thankful for my sweet husband who is a kid at heart and was more excited to sled than they were.  This balances me out, because unfortunately, I tend to fall into the boring adult category.
It was a perfect day.  A perfect moment.  I tried to take it all in, capture some of the perfection in pictures knowing I would fail miserably.
The snow makes me thankful for the following things:
a garage, so I don't have to scrape my windows every morning
heaters in my house and car
a house and car
warm coats
What I don't love about the snow is what it looks like after it falls.  When the pristine beauty is replaced by dirty brown snow.  When it sticks around far beyond when it is welcome.  When it is a reminder that spring is not near, and now we have ugly snow and really cold weather.  I also am not crazy about the fact that I have to dress the kids in multiple layers every time we leave the house.  This typically involves me chasing someone while trying to bark orders for E to put her shoes on and pick her jacket (because Lord knows she doesn't want to wear what I choose).
I have certainly loved the snow this winter, but I won't argue when spring comes.

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  1. Your snow pictures are so pretty! We got some snow yesterday, and it was so pretty. I am thankful ours doesn't last that long though.