Friday, November 5, 2010

Is it winter?

I think fall just started, but it definitely feels like winter in my house today. It is 62 degrees in here, and I can't seem to do a darn thing because I'm just cold. Since I have less days at home now, I feel this pressure to accomplish a lot when I am home. So I'm a little more tired than normal from working, and yet I feel guilty just to rest. Oh the dilemma.

So back to the're probably thinking, "just turn your heater on". Well, that's a great piece of advice. We actually did turn it on when we got up this morning, but I don't think our carbon monoxide monitor is working, and I'm totally paranoid about "the silent killer (carbon monoxide poisoning)." So I turned the heater back off with intentions of purchasing a new carbon monoxide monitor today.

In the mean time, we are all bundled up. It's really hard to know how to dress a baby when it's cold. Thankfully we had a really warm outfit from Aunt Lacey and Uncle Marcus that fit just perfectly.
This lazy guy hasn't even come out of his cage all morning. He loves to be completely covered by his blanket! He can pretty much do it all by himself...he's so talented.
I pulled up his blanket so you could see there actually was a dog under there.
Any advice or thoughts on how to dress a baby in the cold weather? She's used to wearing onesies all the time.


  1. I bought several animal print outfits from Gap that are 1-piece like sleepers but are really warm. I love these because they're comfy, not bulky and super cute. She had one on a couple of posts ago lying on her giraffe pillow.

    The picture of Truman is hilarious! I'm super impressed he can cover up all the way.

  2. Hey! I met you at Jen's baby shower (I have been stalking your blog via Jen's blog for a while now- hope I dont creep you out ;) Your baby girl is precious!

    I couldnt resist posting a comment after seeing your dog! So funny! Made me LOL.

    Anyways- my mother always told me dress your baby in one layer warmer than you are wearing...I typically take that a little further and always keep a onsie on a baby and then sleeper outfits in the winter (jammies mostly) are what my babies lived in and so will this next one. My mom also always said to keep socks on baby- makes a big difference and a light hat inside if you arent turning your heat can usually tell by feeling their hands if they are too cold or hot.

    Goodluck Momma! If you wanna stalk me- I am :)

  3. I agree with the advice about keeping Elliot warm. Callie has been in long sleeved outfits, socks, and, at night, I put her in sleepers that have the sleeves you can fold over to keep her hands warm inside.

    For the carbon monoxide concerns - we had a friend who owns a heat and air business come by and test for us. We had some lower readings coming from our vents but he said it was likely because our central heat is as old as our house (17 years) and we'll probably be in the market for a new unit sooner rather than later. He did say we could call the fire department and they can test for you also (check the levels coming from your vents)so you may want to look into that. Also, he told us that when we buy a new carbon monoxide detector, get the kind that plug into the wall. Carbon Monoxide is heavier than regular air so it's good to have the ones on an outlet since their closesr to the ground and will alert you sooner.

    Hope this helps - we've had the same thoughts as you did with turning on our heater and now (since we had some detected in our vents) are considering replacing our system since we're due for a new one and there's a tax credit...we'll see if the budget will allow. :)

  4. As much as I hate to admit this, Pearce spent many of his winter "at home" days in fleece footed pj's from carters. They were super snuggly and totally gave him the comfort he needed. Plus, I didn't feel like I needed to set the heat to 75 or something!