Tuesday, December 14, 2010

4 Month Update

How is it even possible that our baby is 4 months old?! I know I say this every month, but it is so amazing how quickly time goes by. Here is our overdue 4 month post.

  • Still wearing 3-6 month clothes but sometimes her pants are a little tight on her belly.
  • Wearing size 2 diapers but I think we're transitioning to size 3s...still having lots of blowout diapers so I think it's time.
  • She is eating 5-6 ounces from a diaper when I work. This girl loves to eat!
  • Eating every 3.5-4 hours during the day. We have recently decreased her feedings to 5 a day, and she is doing really well with this.
  • Her last feeding is now between 8:30 and 9 and she sleeps until 6:30 or 7. We are still swaddling her at night, and we usually find her in a totally different place in the morning. We love to get her in the morning...she gives us big smiles and talks to us. So cute!
  • She usually takes great naps, especially in the morning.

  • Still loving her pacifier! It's hard to believe I ever wondered whether or not I should give it to her. :)
  • She is staying up about 1 hour and 20 or 30 minutes between her naps. So fun!
  • She is still loving her activity gym. She is now reaching for her toys and looking at them intently. She also has started trying to bring things to her mouth.
  • She also loves to read books...she really looks at the pictures now!
  • She has rolled over 3 times and just seems totally content to lay on her belly and look at/suck on her hands. She's a pretty chill baby so who knows when she'll really start rolling over intentionally.
  • She is still really ticklish. The new spots I have discovered are her feet and the back of her neck.
  • She still gives us lots of smiles, but is pretty serious in groups. She is definitely still a thinker and just takes everything in.
  • She LOVES to sit up. In fact when we have her propped up on something (boppy or pillow), she strains to sit up.
Our 4 month doctor visit:
Weight: 16 pounds 8 ounces (94%)
Length: 26 1/2 inches (98%)
Head circumference (93%)

We are so in love with our precious girl and we love to see her grow! Kev did a "photo shoot" with Elliott and the pictures turned out so good!!


  1. Someone is starting to look more and more like their gorgeous mother ;)

  2. Those pictures are amazing!!! And I love her bloomers. She's a big girl- you must be making super good milk! :)

  3. so cute!!

    p.s: even if she is eating from a diaper while you work, lol :)

  4. Hey! Sofia beat me to it! I was shocked to see that you are making sweet Elliott eat from a diaper while you work! Someone needs to get that baby a bottle! :)