Thursday, November 24, 2011

So thankful!

I am so very thankful for this precious little girl. Although being a parent is hard work, it is also the most incredible blessing too. Sometimes I think how simple and uncomplicated our lives were before kids, but I would never want to return to those days and miss the joys that raising a child brings. I feel like I haven't shared much about Miss Elliott lately, so I thought I would take today to share some things in her I am thankful for.

I am thankful for her excitement for life. The girl runs all the time (or her version of a run). She is never satisfied to sit still and is constantly exploring, constantly moving. Her new trick has been learning how to climb. The other day I turned around to find her standing on Truman's huge bin of food. Gulp. Visions of her crashing to the floor flashed through my mind as I realized we have entered a whole new stage of potential for injury. Elliott is not a huge talker but one of her favorite words is "wow" and she uses it OFTEN. Apparently there is a lot that "wows" her.

I am thankful for her independent spirit. She loves to do things on her own...feed herself, climb up stairs, I think she would change her own clothes if she could just figure out exactly how to do it. The reverse is she hates to do things she does not initiate, such as getting her diapers changed. It's funny to see such a small girl try to exert such independence (and have such strong opinions about things...that's putting it nicely).

I am so thankful to see her act more like a little girl and less like a baby. It's amazing how much she understands! I can tell she is actually comprehending what I tell her, whether it be what we're doing or when I give her simple commands. It seems like every day she is understanding more too. I can now get her to throw things away for me (the trick is getting her to leave other things in the trash), and I'm hopeful that by the time Baby Boy gets here, she'll be able to get a diaper for me. We'll see how that works. :)

I'm thankful for the moments she still needs her mommy. It warms my heart when she gives me kisses or lays her head on my shoulder or reaches for me when she gets hurt. Although she is a busy little girl, I always get to see glimpses of her sweet side.

Joyful independence!

We took these pictures about a month ago, but I feel like they show such a joyful side of her (especially since she is not smiling in so many pictures we take). She is truly our little miracle, and we are so blessed!


  1. Such great pictures and such a sweet post!

  2. Erica she's so precious! Can't believe how "grown up" she is...