Friday, November 18, 2011

Where we've been

Where do you even start when you've been gone for a greater than 2 week blogging hiatus? So much to share, especially since we were gone for most of this time. I'll try to make it brief, but I warn you, I decided to limit the words so I could post more pictures.

Elliott and I decided to make a girls trip to Texas to see my first niece/her cousin.
Isn't she precious?

We actually flew into Oklahoma City first so we got to spend a couple of nights with our sweet friends...

they even hosted a come and go party for us so we could see other friends since we weren't able to hang out with everyone one-on-one (of course I took no pictures of this event). Then we stayed a night with Kev's parents and E got some play time with her cousins

and Aunt Lisa.
No pictures with Uncle Seth! So sad!
Then we drove to Texas and spent a week with my parents (my dad was there too...promise).
My middle sister and her husband came up for the weekend so we got to see them too.
Hanging with Uncle Josh.
Checking Baby H out.
Did I mention I did all of this when I was 33/34 weeks pregnant with a 15 month old that weighs 26+ pounds? Not going to lie, all of the travel was slightly exhausting but TOTALLY worth it!
The flight to OKC was slightly traumatic...we missed our first flight due to poor time management and having E's diaper bag run multiple times through the scanner then eventually searched (I guess the snacks I brought looked suspicious). Definitely a bad start to an already potentially stressful day. Don't kid yourself, I was definitely that token pregnant girl walking through the airport bawling when I called Kev to tell him. Not my best moment. Things got better from there, and thankfully the missed flight only extended our travel time by a couple hours (which can feel like an eternity with a toddler).

The flight home from Amarillo was much more smooth even though we had one extra stop, and we only had one leg of the flight where a very large man sat in the middle seat so we had very little room in our seat by the window. Did I mention the plane was hot as well? Not a good combo for this girl. I packed new toys/stickers/coloring book, tons of snacks, put videos on my iPhone, but I hadn't thought through the fact that I can no longer bend at the waist. This probably made flying the most difficult because I had to rely on the people sitting next to me to get things for me. By the end of traveling, I wised up and put everything I thought we could potentially use in the seat pocket in front of me.

It was quite an adventure but we survived! It was pretty amazing to see Kev's face in Chicago though. Life is definitely easier with him! I'm just SO thankful we got to see Baby H! She is absolutely perfect and I'm just sad we don't live closer so we can see her more often.

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