Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Snow picture and randomness!

Exhausting.  A word that describes my evening.  I came home from work to whiny kids, with a little one who had not slept long enough but definitely needed to sleep more.  An evening where Kev had class late so I was parenting solo (major kuddos to single parents).  We survived dinner, but I foolishly thought a bath would be fun.  It wasn't as fun as I was hoping.  Instead it included Mason throwing every single toy out of the tub then constantly trying to stand up.  All while Elliott thought before and mid bath she needed to go pee pee on her potty then refusing to get back into the tub to actually clean her.  I think she is fearful of a bath tub poop accident...how do you reassure a kid about that?  "Don't worry honey, you won't go poo poo in the bath.  And if you do, it's okay."  It all ended up with cries of "I'm cold!" from the child who is NEVER cold and screams while doctoring a diaper rash.

And then Daddy came to rescue us.  He swooped in, told me to go sit down and rest.  He finished dressing Mason and then got E settled watching Boz so we could have a few minutes to catch up on the day.  He let me sit on the couch while he cleaned the kitchen and put Miss E to bed.  I'm so thankful for my amazing husband.
We finally got to take a snow family picture!  We were at a birthday party so that's why E has a balloon.  Side note on balloons....they are really a set-up for total disappointment.  So much fun initially....until they pop.  This caused major sadness in our house.  We then got another balloon at Chick-Fil-A.  Major drama when I wouldn't let her nap with it, so we left in the bathroom for when she woke up.  She got up from her nap, ran to the bathroom, only to find it had shrunk into a tiny little balloon.  Talk about pure disappointment written all over her face.  She just ran into my arms and cried.  Life's tough...

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