Thursday, March 7, 2013

Momo vacation

We have been drowning in a sea of snot and surrounded by some serious grumpiness at our abode.  I forget how terrible it is when your kids are sick...and I'm talking cold sick...until it happens.  Lack of sleep, the indecision on whether or not they need to see the doctor, wiping noses a million times, all the whining and grumpiness.  But the worst...seeing them completely, absolutely miserable but feeling helpless to know what to do.  I'm hoping we're on the tail end of the sickness, although sometimes I think I tell myself that to get through the day.  It makes me realize what a complete wuss I am, when some peoples' kids are dealing with serious health issues.  Thank you God for the blessing of health today.

Prior to getting sick, we got to experience a wonderful week with a favorite in this household...Momo (aka my mom).  We were so thankful she was willing to make the trek from Texas again.  Let the Momo vacation night for Kev and I, shopping on an almost daily basis, special treats in the evening, Starbucks daily, wonderful, encouraging conversation, and a free babysitter when I'm at work.  My tank is full.
 Kev and I got to see a Broadway show (a special gift from my in-laws).
 Miss E's smile face.  She certainly loves her Momo.
The new glasses were a big hit.  Princess sunglasses. 
 Mason loved his Momo time too.  This has been his favorite activity lately.  Sitting on the closet step...
thinking about walking...
our little stander.
 The closest has been like a secret fort.  So much fun...
 until it's not fun.  Don't let E's innocent face fool you.  I'm fairly certain his tears were caused by her.
 Thankfully they don't usually last long.  Momo tickles the best.
 Waiting in anticipation to see what she will do with the toy.

One of the most difficult things about moving to Indiana was moving away from my family.  We lived only 4 hours away when we were in Oklahoma which was so doable.  Now, we basically have to fly or set aside 2 days for a car trip (gag).  I realized this past week that God has blessed us in the sacrifice of moving.  When we were in Oklahoma, mom would visit fairly often but hardly ever longer than a weekend.  She is not able to visit quite as often now, but now she stays for much longer times (rarely less than a week).  I have been so very blessed by her long visits and the extra time we have to spend together.  Love you mom!


  1. We were talking with envy a couple weeks ago about how often your mom get to come visit - funny in light of the last paragraph of this post. :) She's come more times to visit you just since we started attending small group this fall than my in-laws or parents have come in the 4 years we've been in South Bend. lol.

    1. Good perspective. I do feel blessed she has gotten to visit us so often. I've offered many that she could just move in with us, but that might make my dad sad. :)

  2. Love this. I know you cherish these times!