Monday, April 8, 2013

Delayed Easter egg hunt

We decided to have a little Easter egg hunt with our small group, but since several people were busy Easter weekend, we did it the following week.  Besides it being colder than I would have liked as well as windy (stupid wind makes it feel so cold), we all had a really fun time!
Miss E was much better looking for eggs this year.  Until she got tired of it.  I find as a parent, it's really difficult not to point out the eggs that are literally, right in front of their face.  And I'm the one that wants to keep pushing her..."Keep going, there are SO many more eggs to be found."
My two boys.
She was so proud of her finds.
Mason mainly observed this year...and got to play with sister's eggs.

I so love this picture.  They all look so thrilled to be there. :)
The kids and their daddies.  One of those days that things wouldn't have happened without them.  They hid the eggs then went out with the kids to find the eggs while the moms stayed inside to keep warm.  Gotta love "dad jobs."

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