Wednesday, July 31, 2013

18/19 Month Update

My little boy is getting so big so fast!  It feels like he is becoming less of a baby and more of a little boy each and every day.  I read E's 18 month update the other day and I was so thankful I had documented the info because I forget so much.  I blame it on lack of sleep.  So I won't forget (and also so you'll see how cute he is), here is Mason's update.

He is still wearing size 5 diapers and 18-24 month clothes.  Although he is not a small child, he has certainly not flown through clothing sizes like Miss E (she was in 2T-3T at this age...WHAT??).  I'm amazed that he can still wear clothes that he wore at Christmas and probably will be able to this next season as well.  I'm convinced they make boy's clothes bigger than girls although E is definitely big for her age.

He is not a picky eater, but definitely has opinions on food.  He loves fruit (especially clementines, grapes, cantaloupe, bananas and strawberries), avocados, cheddar bunnies, most meats, sometimes green beans and peanut butter and honey sandwiches.  He does not like any sort of beans (which is unfortunate because E loves black bean burritos and this has also been a pregnancy craving of mine) and really could give or take bread products (SO different than E).  He also could give or take milk and drinks very little, but the boy does love him some orange juice.  He actually calls all beverage juice even though he only gets one cup of juice a day.  
 As I mentioned in his previous post, he loves playing with trains, trucks and cars and his favorite word is "truck" which he says repeatedly when he sees one.  He gets SO excited to see trucks, airplanes and trains when we're outside.  His sister has decided she also likes playing with cars, trucks, and trains (although she never really liked to before), which has created many conflicts.  Serious sibling love.  He is finally gotten old enough where he can fight back (which many times she completely deserves), but sometimes I think he hits because he thinks that he's playing.  Kind of reminds me of a little puppy with sharp new teeth.  He doesn't necessarily seem mad he just is trying to play.  Still not okay but we're working on it.
 I so LOVE the belly-out stance in this pic.

He loves playing with his sister...ready, set, go (run) game, pushing cars/trucks around the dining room, turning in circles, jumping on her bed.  He also loves playing outside but ALWAYS gets SO dirty.  He also loves the park and is really working on his climbing skills.  He lately has loved opening all the drawers in the kitchen (and would open the cabinets too if they weren't child-proofed).
 Beautiful blue-eyes.

He still loves his paci which we plan to get rid of before baby #2.  I struggle with getting rid of it (just like with E) partly because it's so nice to have something to "plug" his mouth when he's whining/crying.  Is that terrible to say?  I remember feeling the same way with E.
He is in an "into everything" stage and is always looking for something else to get into.  I think I forgot how exhausting this stage can be...especially when we're at other peoples' houses or out and about.
He is so much more of a talker than E was at this age (although now she talks a LOT).  He tries to repeat almost any word I tell him and says lots of words but not many phrases yet.  Some of my favorite words are thank you, banana, night night and truck.  He also has been telling me when he goes poop and he loves sitting on E's little potty (with his clothes on).  Makes me wonder if he'll be ready to potty train sooner than she was?  Part of me doesn't know if I'm mentally prepared for more potty training, since it feels like we've just gotten E to a good place where I'm not constantly cleaning up accidents.
He is such a sweet little boy and he loves his momma.  I feel so privileged to be the "favorite" for now. I'll take it for however long it lasts.

We're so thankful for our sweet little boy!

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  1. I love how he calls every thing "juice." My nephew was the same way so milk was cow juice and water was faucet juice because he wouldn't want to drink it if it wasn't "juice." Kids are silly!