Sunday, November 10, 2013


We're in the waiting place, a holding pattern, unsure of when baby girl will be here but knowing it will be soon.  Trying to cherish the time we have as a family of 4 but excited to become a family of 5.  Enjoying every little kick and movement baby girl makes, yet also anticipating holding her in our arms. Hoping she'll come soon, but also hoping she waits until my mom makes it here.  One of the hardest things for me during this season is just how difficult the simplest tasks have become...getting off the ground (which I do often), bending down to pick things up (a constant activity since there is always clutter to be put away), trying to hold both kids in my lap to read a book...everything requires extra effort.

When I was home with the kids on Friday, I decided I would focus on spending time together, not accomplishing tasks which is a hard line to draw at times.  It was a sweet time with the kids.
 This is Miss E's cheese face...she basically either refuses to look at the camera or gives me this face.  Love it.
 This guy has been obsessed with triangle blocks lately.  He will look for all the triangles in the block box and then line them up in a row.  It had a moment where I thought, who taught him about triangles??  Certainly not me. :) His learning style is so different than E's.  He has been obsessed with reading lately but never on his own...he always wants me to read and he wants to talk about all the different pictures, sometimes getting fixated on one page or image.  If I'm distracted, he'll repeatedly pat my face saying "Mama,, dog, dog..."  He really wants to interact where Elliott is content so often doing things independently.  She can be hard to teach, because she doesn't want to be "told" what to do.
 She is also not a toy player, but she LOVES jumping...on her bed, from her bed to the ground, off her ottoman, off her toy boxes, across the room with 1 and 2 feet...the girl loves jumping.  I'm thinking we need to invest in some kind of indoor trampoline for the winter.  
 When I was preparing lunches, the kids got in the sandbox.  Oh joy.  Nothing like sand in their coats and boots.

I'm so thankful for time with these munchkins, even though they wear me out!

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