Monday, March 3, 2014



A photo of each of my kids every week in 2014
 As I mentioned in my last post, we spent 2 weeks in Texas/Oklahoma visiting family.  I was really nervous about the trip with 3 kids, but I have to say it was our best trip home thus far.  I feel encouraged that as the kids get older, it gets a little easier each time.  The big thing for me is SLEEP...or lack of sleep.  Isn't that what it always boils down to?  I'm thankful all 3 sleeps slept decently!  There were so many (iphone) pics to choose from but these were 3 of my favorites.

I SO love bath pictures.  Maybe I'm weird.
 Improvising at it's best.  Life with lots of kids the same age. :)
The two newest girls.  It was so wonderful to meet my newest niece.  Love her!

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