Thursday, September 17, 2009


I am so excited about this weekend! Our good friends K.C. and Kinsey are coming to Norman to visit (and go to the OU game and see their family). I am really excited to see them and especially excited to see their new baby!! She is only 2 months old but we haven't gotten to meet her yet!

Kinsey and I met our freshman year of college when we both lived on Couch 5. Kinsey actually introduced me to Kev, because Kev and K.C. were fraternity brothers and good friends. We both started dating our future husbands our sophmore year and got married our senior year. Then we both started graduate school the same year as well. I guess we have a lot of similarities. If I wouldn't have had a miscarriage, we would have had a baby the same year as well. We actually have not lived in the same town since college, but I still treasure her friendship! It will be so nice to catch up!

These pictures are from last year when they came to town to visit...and go to the game. They are definitely HUGE Sooner fans!!! Boomer Sooner!

I forgot to mention, we also got our sweet, crazy Truman from them. They have his dad and basically are the people who convinced us to get a Weimaraner. Hayes is slightly more calm than Truman.

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  1. I love the comment, "Hayes is slightly more calm than Truman." Ha! Have fun with KC, Kinsey, and baby Quinn!