Thursday, October 1, 2009

Friends update

I know you have all been wondering how our time went with K.C. and Kinsey...since so many people read this blog. We had a wonderful time with our sweet friends, and I really do have a reason I have waited so long to write about it. I shamefully admit that I did not take a single picture while they were here...not even a single picture of sweet baby Quinn. Terrible, I know. So I thought I'd be sneaky and ask her sister-in-law to send me pictures they took of the weekend, and then post them on our blog. Is that cheating? Well, I still haven't received them, but decided I should just go ahead and post anyway.

It was wonderful to hold little Quinn...she is such a petite baby. She weighed 8 pounds 7 ounces (at least I think that's right) at her 2 month doctor's visit. She is in the 5 percentile for her weight, and the 0 percentile for her head. I love this fact because if you know Kinsey, you know she has a small head. I remember years ago Kinsey put on a beanie and it was soo hilarious because her head was noticeably small (I guess her hair usually disguises it). However, I must say I covet Kinsey's small head because she basically looks good in every haircut. I have always wanted to cut my hair short like Kinsey, but I definitely do NOT have a small head...unfortunately. Actually, I have asked many a hairdresser if they think I could pull off short hair and they always say no. Ouch! When Kinsey and I were in college, she actually had people approach her about being a hair model. What?! Does that actually happen? Not to me apparently.

While we're on the subject of friends and babies, my best friend from high school Michelle, actually just had her baby on Thursday! I actually got to hang out with her in the hospital with her before Baby was born...what an honor! Her husband was actually out of town when she went in labor, but don't worry, he made it for the birth. I actually haven't gotten to meet Baby yet, but hopefully very soon.

She's so happy she's in labor!
I'm happy too!


  1. Excellent update. I love that you dedicated an entire paragraph to Kinsey and Quinn's head size. :) Did Michelle have a boy or girl? She looks super good for being in labor!