Wednesday, October 14, 2009


So after Kev and I had our miscarriage, we received some great advice from another couple who had gone through a similar circumstance to plan frequent getaways. We thought this was a fabulous idea. This summer we didn't have to plan much because we got to go to California with Kev's family then Alaska with my family. So for the month of October, we decided to make a trip to Austin, the enemy's territory. We were able to stay at a bed and breakfast in Travis Heights, the oldest neighborhood in Austin according to the B&B owners, which was down the street from the capitol. Saturday morning we went for an amazing run on their trail by the river...there were tons of people with their dogs, strollers, etc. I wish Norman had something like that...Truman would love it!

Austin was a very interesting city. We thought we would post photos of several things we found interesting.
We went into a store called Uncommon Objects, and Kev decided it should be our goal to find the MOST uncommon object and take a picture of it. We thought this small, old mannequin was pretty unusual. Don't lie, you know you want it for your home.

There were tons of these huge, yucca-like plants that we thought were totally fascinating. Kev wanted to pretend like it was attacking him.

An interestingly shaped sign.

On S. Congress, they had these odd mobile homes set up selling food. So we decided to try the one that sold cupcakes. Funny story...while we were waiting in line for our cupcakes (yes, there was a line), a girl cut in front of us to ask the cashier if they had Wi-Fi. Really? Do you really need to ask? Does it look like they would have Wi-Fi at this place?

Of course we had to visit the University of Texas. This was their stadium, but the whole campus was HUGE. We went on game day so we saw lots of burnt orange and white. Boo!

We had a great time and can't wait for our next getaway!!

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  1. SOmehow my comments don't ever work. Anyway, love reading your blog. Glad you all had fun in Austin.