Sunday, October 11, 2009


So, Kev and I just got home from Austin. It was lots of fun, and I will definitely post further details later when I have more time to download pictures and such. However, a funny story came to my mind tonight that I wanted to share.

Let me prelude this story by telling you Kev and I try to keep our house clean. However, if you know me, you know the one area I tend to not clean as well is my bedroom. It seems worthless to put so much effort into a room very few people see and we spend so little time in. But...I am married to a man who without thinking, immediately hangs his clothes up as he takes them off and makes the bed EVERY morning. Now when I say every I mean every. We actually used to have arguments when we were first married because he would blow me off if I tried to hug him while he was hanging up his clothes. His bedroom cleanliness may have somewhat rubbed off on me but I guess not as much as I had hoped as you'll see from the story below.

On the way home from Austin, we stopped at Ikea to look for some good deals. We decided to look for some organizational items for Kev's closet, in particular his shoes. As we were looking, I proceeded to tell him that I had thought about getting something for all my shoes to go in my closet because right now, they're divided between a shoe rack hanging on my closet and haphazardly in my closet, with the shoes I wear most frequently hanging on the door. Kev, in a very innocent and genuine voice, said, "I thought you kept the shoes you wear on the floor."
Note to self...make more effort to put my shoes away.

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