Monday, March 22, 2010

It's a...

Sorry it has taken me so long to write this post! My friend had some of our pictures on her camera, and I wanted to get them before I posted the pictures. I must say, Saturday was an incredible day. I think I was excited about the gender reveal party, but it definitely exceeded my expectations! It was amazing to have our family and friends together to celebrate the special news.

In retrospect, I also think it was the first day in this pregnancy I have allowed myself to feel completely joyful and celebrate without guarding my emotions. It was amazing! Here are some pictures of the joyous occasion!

Team girl...all dressed in pink.

Team blue...yes, I was wearing blue proudly and confidently.

Kev and I were the team captains, proudly wearing our opposing colors.

The cake. I was paranoid to open the box because I was afraid our surprise would be spoiled by a blue or pink crumb.
Do we cut the cake down the middle or cut a piece??

Middle it is.

Shocked and so excited!

I actually was surprisingly made it more real to me. Maybe it's just all these crazy hormones.

So thankful for our friends the Edwards who threw a great party and who have taught us so much about what it means to be great parents!

And their adorable little boys!!


  1. What an exciting party!!! And great idea on the teams. So cute. Congrats on your baby girl!!!

  2. YaY for baby girls! You all are going to be such great parents to tour sweet blessing! Congrats!

  3. Woooohooo! Such exciting news! Carlos and I couldn't be happier for you both. You guys are such amazing people and will be fantastic parents to your sweet baby girl. Lucy will have a new friend, yay!

  4. Yeah! Olivia will have a new friend! I can't wait for them to meet!!

  5. Ahhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!! I'm like crying with excitement over here! So happy for you guys. Y'all are going to be such incredible parents. It's a girl!!!

  6. YAY! Congrats! I am so glad yall did the cake idea! Chris and I wouldn't have done it any other way!

  7. Somehow I missed this post! Cute pictures...I especially like the one where you are cutting the's so sweet and emotional! Love you guys and baby girl Estep so very much!