Monday, April 25, 2011

Easter cuteness

Worst.blogger.ever. No one's going to read my blog because I've stopped posting. In my defense, we have been crazy busy with some life changing things...and I'm not just exaggerating by saying they're life changing. We are actually MOVING to South Bend, Indiana in August so Kev can start his PhD. He has thought about going back to school for a long time (I was secretly hoping he would change his mind), and doors continued to open and now we're here. It has felt so far away for so long, but now it feels like the date is rapidly approaching. Is it really almost MAY??? Really?

How do I feel? Well, I love security, routine, and where we are now, so yes, it is definitely out of my comfort zone to think about moving across the country, away from all our family and friends, to an extremely COLD place (in the winter at least) so Kev can go back to school. However, God has been so gracious in confirming our decision in so many different ways, and I am so thankful! I know that it will be a good experience and we will learn so much, but I feel like I'm in the grieving, chaos stage.

So yeah, we've been a little busy. Preparing our house to sell, trying to find replacements at our jobs, thinking about where we will live when we move, trying to think about jobs for me in Indiana, spending time with family and friends, while just doing "normal" life. Needless to say, I have remembered many a task AFTER I was supposed to have them done. *Sigh* I know it's only a season. So at least that catches you up, and maybe you'll be a little more understanding of my lack of blogs. Hopefully I will be more faithful now...and hopefully you'll be interested to hear about the craziness of our life.

And for my family, some seriously cute pics of Miss Elliott from Easter in her adorable Easter dress!
Just hanging with Dad.
Such a big girl!
Had to post this because you can see her two bottom teeth so well. These suckers are sharp...more on this later.
She looks like a doll to me in this picture.
Love this girl!


  1. To cute for words! Gosh I miss her!! I can't even imagine how much I will miss her when ya'll are in South Bend and I can't just run up there on a weekend when I need an Elliott fix!! I know I will survive but I won't lie, it isn't going to be easy!!
    I am also very thankful God has answered so many prayers and confirmed in many ways His will for ya'll! That alone has made it a little easier thinking of ya'll being so far away! And I am very thankful for frequent flyer miles and an airport not to far from NB. I'm planning on using it!! Love ya'll so much and that precious, sweet Elliott!!

  2. She's absolutely precious! And of course, I'll still be around to read your blog. :) I know you all will do wonderful with your move and all the other changes. Anyone will be lucky to have you as a PA, and it's great that he's fulfilling a dream. I know it's crazy right now, but it will all work out soon!

  3. Oh my gosh that's so exciting! I'm very happy for y'all. And Miss Elliott is pretty much the cutest little Easter bunny baby ever!

  4. We are so excited for ya'll! You can talk to me about moving away from family and friends and moving to a misserably cold place anytime!! Trust me, it will all work out...and you might even really like it! We miss ya'll so much. We need to try to see you in July while we are in Oklahoma before you leave! P.S-Elliott is so cute!!

  5. We are so incredibly sad to hear that you guys are moving, but so excited for you as well. It's an amazing opportunity and I'm sure you guys are going to love it! You will for sure have to keep blogging so we can keep with each others lives and sweet babies!