Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Guess what?

For those of you who don't know already...I'm pregnant! I had all these lofty aspirations of announcing it on the blog by putting some cute picture up of Elliott with a shirt that said "Big Sister" or something else creative. Then I realized, I am NOT in a season of my life where I can be creative. So boring announcement it is!

I am actually 15 weeks today and our due date is December 28th. No, it wasn't an accident but it wasn't a total surprise. Does that make sense? We weren't necessarily planning on getting pregnant this soon but it took me a long time (at least it felt like a long time for me) to get pregnant with Elliott and we decided we would rather get pregnant a little early and maybe try to prevent the whole "trying" phase.

Here are a few of my thoughts of this pregnancy versus the first one:
1. It's amazing how quickly I started showing. The first pregnancy, I was able to hide it for a long time. This time around, I feel like I took the pregnancy test and then my clothes wouldn't fit. Shocking! I look at least 20 weeks pregnant right now...literally. Kind of crazy. I know other women have said the same thing, it's just weird when it happens to you.
2. It's amazing the different response I have gotten this time around. My first pregnancy, everyone was excited! This time, people act shocked and say things like "you know how this happens, right?" Wow, really?! I guess it must be because I'm still totting around a baby, but it still is a surprise to hear.
3. It's amazing how little I have been able to focus on this pregnancy. I was a nervous wreck my last pregnancy. I analyzed every symptom I had and drove myself (and probably those around me) crazy. I was always secretly jealous of women who loved being pregnant because it was such an emotional and mental struggle for me. This time around, chasing an almost 1 year old around the house and moving across the country really takes your mind off of it. So much more enjoyable!
4. It's amazing how NOT fun it is to me to be pregnant during an Oklahoma summer. I have been pregnant for TWO consecutive Oklahoma summers. Yeah, I did not think this through. As if the summer isn't miserable enough, add a little extra weight and's pretty fantastic. :)

I'm sure there are other things but those are the main things I have thought about. We are really excited and feel very blessed to be having another kiddo even though it can be slightly overwhelming to imagine. Miss Elliott has been such a tremendous blessing to our lives and we're thankful to be adding to our little family of 3.


  1. Congrats friend! Very excited for you guys!

  2. Congrats Erica! That's exciting! I'm glad things have gone well so far and look forward to reading about your upcoming arrival! Need to see pictures soon! :)

  3. Yay Erica!!! I'm so excited to hear this awesome news!!! And I'm relieved to hear that things obviously went so well for you this time. You'll be an awesome mom once again. But I am sorry for you enduring another hot summer....

  4. We are so excited for baby #2!!!!! I'm still thinking boy (and might have already bought something, just in case). :). Love you friend!!!!

  5. yay, congrats to you and kevin! miss ya, friend!! hope i will see you before we all move:)

  6. Oh my goodness Erica!!! So exciting. We couldn't be happier for you both!!!

  7. yay! We are so excited for ya'll!!!