Monday, July 4, 2011

It's a...

My sister had her gender reveal party the weekend before we left for Florida so I never got to post the results. Please notice the cute banner I made for the party. :) I know, I'm creative...what can I say (and if you really know me you'll know how NOT true this statement is).
The wives tales said boy...
the crowd said boy...

but the cake can't's going to be a GIRL!!
We are SUPER excited about this because girls are totally awesome...not that I'm biased or anything. Plus, they have way cuter clothes. I'm just saying. Marcus and Lacey are going to be great parents! I'm so excited for their little girl to get here!
Cute pic of Kev and I.
The family without Josh and Anja. We were sad they missed it!
And how could I not put a picture of Elliott on here...because she's the cutest! Love this girl!

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