Saturday, July 23, 2011

10 and 11 month update

We are up to our eyeballs in boxes and our time in Oklahoma is rapidly coming to an end, but that is NOT a good reason to neglect our monthly updates. I can't believe that 2 months have already passed...and Miss Elliott is doing so much that I don't want to forget.

  • She is wearing 12-18 month clothes and sometimes she can wear 18-24 months. 2 words...big girl. :)
  • She is in size 5 diapers which seems crazy big to me, but size 4s were getting tight and she started have multiple blowouts. Those of you with kids know one blowout is too many blowouts...especially when they are eating normal food and have such stinky poo. Sick!
  • She still loves to eat and wants only food she can feed herself (except yogurt). She still loves cheese, all fruits, yogurt, cheerios, but some of her new favorites are scrambled eggs (she will eat 2 in the morning...with cheerios and a banana), lasagna, meat loaf, and pretty much anything else we're eating.
  • I decided to take her off formula and bottles cold turkey. Before you think I'm cruel, we ran out of formula about 3 weeks ago, so instead of buying more and slowly transitioning her to milk, I just decided to totally switch. She didn't really like milk for about the first week, but I just offered it to her frequently. Our pediatrician said it didn't matter if she drank a drop of milk because there are so many other dairy products babies can eat.

  • However, after about a week, she started drinking more and more milk. Yay! She hasn't seemed to miss her bottle one bit. Now her paci is a whole 'nother story. I cringe to think about taking that away.
  • She started crawling like a champ and pulls up and cruises on EVERYTHING! She loves her new found freedom. We like it too, but a crawling, extremely inquisitive baby and a house full of boxes and chaos is not always the best combination. You can imagine.
  • She doesn't really like toys as much as playing with everything she is NOT supposed to have...TV remotes, cords, outlets, plastic. If it looks slightly dangerous, she MUST have it.
  • She babbles constantly but we're still not making out a lot of words. She says "dada" constantly (she LOVES her dada), has said "mama" occasionally, and says "wow" (or something that sounds like wow).
  • She has SO many funny faces now. Her favorite is giving people a closed mouth smile with a wrinkled nose. So precious.

  • She is still taking two 2+ hour naps daily.
  • She sleeps from 7:30 or so pm to 7 am...unless we're on vacation, because who sleeps in on vacation? She never cries in the morning but she has discovered how to get books from the side table through the slats in her crib so we typically find her "reading" in the morning. So funny!
  • She will make funny faces at people, sometimes give them 5, but she typically wants to stay with mommy or daddy.

  • She loves waving and cute!
  • She does throw the occasional fit when you take something away from her. It is shocking to see such a small child be so ugly, and has definitely caught us off guard.
  • She also went through a hitting phase this month (especially in the face) which also includes scratching. Not a good thing. We tell her no or hold her hands. She actually seems to be getting much better. Her cousin said she had "Wolverine claws" if that tells you anything.
  • She still loves to read and especially loves books with peek a boo flaps.
She is getting big SO fast and we can't imagine life without her!

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  1. She's adorable, Erica. I'm so sad to know you guys are moving, even if we don't hang out all the time! :)

    As for the fits, Paisley can definitely throw them. She constantly surprises me with her attitude!!! :)