Monday, January 9, 2012


I have had lots of numbers in my head recently. Like in this little guy is 2 weeks. I can hardly believe two weeks have already gone by since he was born. Time flies when you're getting limited sleep and changing countless diapers. No seriously, Mason has been such a good baby. He rarely cries and is going 5 hours in between feedings at night. I'll take it. He is a great little nurser, and I can totally tell he is getting bigger...take a look at the double chin in this picture. Love it.
He does have extremely active bowels. I seriously don't remember having to change Elliott's diaper as often as I do his. Not only that, but he has peed and pooped out of more diapers than I can count. Ridiculous. There is nothing like going through multiple the middle of the night. Love this little guy!
17...Miss Elliott is 17 months old. This past month has been filled with super fun times but also frustration as well. She is learning so much and her little personality is becoming more evident, but she has also thrown more fits and tries to exert her independence which has created so many questions for us on how to parent and discipline. It can definitely feel overwhelming at times. But she is still such a sweet little girl, and I know we're all learning through this process. in how old I am as of yesterday. It's hard to believe I am 30, no longer in my 20s. It sounds so old, and yet I don't feel that old. Interesting how that works. I have had an amazing 30 years, and feel so blessed at each day God has given me. I wonder what the next 30 years (Lord willing) will hold? in the number of years we have been married as of tomorrow. I feel like this is a major accomplishment. 8 years is a long time people. Kev figured out we have been married for approximately 26% of my life...pretty amazing. I have loved the past 8 years and I am so thankful for the amazing man that God gave to me as a husband. I love him more and more every day and thankful we get to journey through life together.

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  1. Happy Anniversary and Birthday! I'm so glad to hear that he's doing well and sleeping a little better than expected. :)