Saturday, January 14, 2012

To keep me sane...

It's hard to believe that Mason will be 3 weeks old tomorrow! Time flies with newborns...truly amazing. When I had Elliott, I felt like I was in a foggy haze for at least a month, we kept the blinds closed almost all the time because I would sleep at all times during the day, and we rarely left the house. This time around has been so different. We leave the house on a daily basis (because we want to get out) and I rarely take naps in the day. Part of the reason is the second time around all the details are not nearly as exhausting or stressful, but I've come up with a list of things that have kept me sane these past 3 weeks:
1. A supportive husband. Kev has been so helpful and simply amazing. He has cleaned the house, done countless loads of laundry, helped prepare meals, and taken the lion share of caring for Miss Elliott. Plus, every night he has gotten mason back to sleep after I finish feeding him. I'm not kidding, this helps tremendously and I can actually function when I wake up in the am.
2. A cooperative daughter. Pre-Mason, Elliott woke up every morning at 7 or 7:30...without fail. Since Mason was born, she started waking up at 9. That's right, 9 am. Incredible. We still put her to bed around 7-8 but she just sleeps later. Thanks Bean. She also has started taking 1 long nap a day so she'll sleep anywhere from 2-4 hours in the afternoon. I think this might be a much needed break time for me when Kev goes back to school.
3. EmergenC. I tend to get sick when I'm not getting sufficient sleep. Fast. I try to take emergenC on a daily basis and it makes a huge difference.
4. Coffee. Love me some coffee in the morning...and occasionally in the afternoon. I'm glad it doesn't seem to affect Mason.
5. My iPhone. One handed entertainment since I'm spending so much time nursing and holding the boy. I can have my quiet time and be totally caught up with all my social media while sending pics to relatives and friends. Love it.
6. Supportive friends and family. So many people have brought us meals, visited, called or sent messages. It has made us feel so very loved and supported. Thank you guys for loving us!

I'm sure there are many other things bit these are the things on my mind right now. I know you wanted to know.

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  1. I'm actually thrilled to hear how you manage with 2 and how it seems to be going smoother this time around. I've always hoped that experience pays off! I want to know about Mason's birth story!!!