Wednesday, April 11, 2012

20 months and food

Our "baby" is 20 months old! How is that even possible? Instead of writing a full update, I want to write some things I don't want to forget.
  • She started saying "I need help" all.the.time. I guess it's the first full phrase she has said (that we recognize), and it is SO stinkin' cute. I seriously need to get a video of her saying it. She has also been saying "I need ..." after she realized what good response she was getting from us. Apparently the girl has serious needs. :)
  • She started being fearful of things. You know, the scary stuff in life, like the car, baths, the vacuum cleaner, etc. It's interesting to see her have this emotion and difficult to sometimes know how to reassure her. No, the bath time panic attack has definitely NOT gone away I'm just praying it does soon.
  • She insists on walking up and down the stairs like an adult instead of crawling. She will usually hold Kev or my hand, but sometimes she just wants to hold onto the banister.
  • She is OBSESSED...with washing her hands. I feel like a bad parent discouraging this activity but it takes so much effort.
  • She recently started jumping off the ground. It is hilarious! I ask her to jump frequently because it is so adorable.
She is SO much fun and is learning so much. She definitely still has her not-fun moments, but the good overshadows the difficult.

So we are on DAY 5 of the Whole30. I think day 4 and 5 have actually been harder for me. I have been seriously craving some CARBS!!! But overall, it has been really good and made us get much more creative with our meal choices. The highlight to my days has been Lara bars (super yummy) and fruit smoothies. Tasty. Here's a couple recipes we have liked so far.

Cowboy Breakfast Skillet-Not super healthy but pretty DARN tasty. Definitely worth it.
Low Carb Chicken Avocado Sandwich-We skipped the "bread" but the chicken was T-asty.
Pot Roast with Mashed Cauliflowers and Turnips-I opted to cook the roast and onions in the crockpot. Good leftovers too.
We've been eating spinach salads every day for lunch with lots of veggies, avocados, walnuts, with balsamic vinegar and olive oil and it has been pretty delicious.

I'm thankful that this is not really a "diet," you're not supposed to weigh yourself, it's just about cutting out processed foods/dairy/etc. I will say that mashed cauliflowers and turnips are NOTHING like mashed potatoes (in case you were wondering) and black coffee is still sadly lacking. We've realized we "treat" ourselves with food...eating out, getting Starbucks. So we're having to rethink how we spend our free time.

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