Saturday, November 3, 2012

10 Month Update

Again, 10 days late but whatev.  At least I'm consistent.  10 months sounds old!  It also sounds really close to a year to me which is hard to believe.  I keep thinking about the fact that this time last year, I was really pregnant.  It really feels like yesterday.  So on to the update....
 Wearing 12 month clothes and some 18 month clothes (although we usually have to roll the sleeves/pants).  This picture kills me...little boys in jeans=total cuteness (also makes him look like a little boy and not a baby).

Wearing size 4 diapers still.  They're holding strong!  I think by this time with E we had moved to 5s...but she was also having way more poopy diapers than this guy.  Poor thing still has to take Mirilax DAILY and even then isn't the most regular.  I'm really hoping he grows out of it.

Officially weaned from nursing this month!  Several reasons...I was ready, he was partly ready, and I went away for 4 days for a work conference.  I was going to pump a couple of times a day, but when I saw how little I was able to pump, I just decided to take the leap and wean him.  When I got back, I nursed him a couple of times but he was way more interested in the bottle by that point.  Note to self...good way to ease the transition.  He doesn't drink as much formula as breast milk (usually 6oz 4 times a day), but he is also eating more and more table food (and baby food).  He loves Cheerios, cheese, and any type of baby food.  Not a fan of steamed carrots, avocado, banana.  It's funny to me that he'll eat any baby food but won't eat the same item in small chunks.  Maybe he's a texture guy.
 He got his first cold this month (and is still fighting it), so he's been waking up in the middle of the night having a trouble breathing.  Poor baby.  E's fighting off sickness as well.  Needless to say, we are not getting enough sleep and are really ready for our babies to be healthy again!  He generally goes to bed around 7 or 7:30 and sleeps until 6:30 or 7 (he still sometimes wakes up at 5 or 5:30 looking for snuggles).

He started crawling FORWARD yesterday (although he scoots everywhere and crawls backwards all the time).  He was crawling for....a HARMONICA (that E promptly ran across the room and grabbed).  

He's pretty good about entertaining himself but he still prefers that we are in the room.  Remember how I talked about our need to baby proof?  Well, let's just say we haven't totally baby proofed...Kev found a button in his poop yesterday.  Oops.  On my to do list...keep all small objects off the floor.

Definitely got stranger anxiety.  He is a momma's boy and I'm okay with that (at least for now).

He loves his big sister and thinks she's the coolest (sometimes even when she's being mean to him), but he definitely does NOT want her to take his toys (which she feels are ALL hers...oh the mind of a 2-year old).  She also says all the time, "No Macey, that's MY mommy."

He loves playing with the empty toy bucket, the rolling singing annoying ball, any other balls, and books (especially the ones with flaps so he can rip them off).

I took a few pictures of the kids in the bath several weeks ago and couldn't resist posting them.
Mason kept trying to eat the bubbles.  Yummy.
 Elliott wanted to give him a faux hawk like dad.
Cute kids.
E's telling me all about it.

 "What you looking at?"
 "I know I'm cute."
 The life of the second child.  

What makes me laugh about this picture is he actually looks like he's smiling.  We discourage this but he has never cried when she dumps water on him.

We are so thankful for out little guy!


  1. They are so cute together! I adore the sibliing relationship that ours have! It is so sad/funny/cute how different a 2nd baby is treated in a house due to the overaffectionate 1st baby. Paisley won't ever let poor Graham sleep because she LOVES to wake him up by kissing his face and saying "wake up, Graham, Graham". :)

  2. Oh little Macey. :) I can't believe he is almost ONE! Love all the updates and pictures.

  3. How cute! I love the bath pictures!

  4. Can't believe our babies are almost a year. Love all the sweet pictures of them both.