Thursday, November 29, 2012

Our ball of energy

Sweet E, my life would be so boring without you.  

My precious little girl has so much life and energy that sometimes I wonder if I can keep up.  Her language has grown by leaps and bounds the past several months, and it has been amazing to see her put words together.  She has been calling me "my mommy" and Kev "my daddy" which cracks us up.  "My mommy I need help please."  When we're listening to a song she doesn't know, she says, "What's this song about my mommy?" and I find myself trying to describe the theme of a song in words a 2-year old would understand.  The other day when we were driving we were stuck in some traffic and she said, "these cars go to pootball game?"  Yes, we live in a college football town. :)
 There is 2 things I love about this picture.  First, she's wearing her favorite shirt (aka "kitty cat shirt") that she got last year from my mom.  She seriously wakes up every single morning asking to put on her kitty cat shirt and is devastated if I tell her it is dirty.  Thankfully, she has one other shirt she likes (a short sleeve shirt with a puppy dog on it) that we try to alternate with.  Second, her hair is down and messy.  This girl HATES getting her hair fixed.  Hates it (unless Momo does it).  I always think, who would want hair hanging in their eyes, getting stuck in their boogers, but it never seems to bother her.  She does occasionally request a pony tail.  Otherwise, she fights getting her hair fixed like I'm trying to do something really mean.  So sometimes I don't fight it...hence the hair in this pic.
 We had a big month for Miss E.  Two days in a row she sat in the potty and actually went peepee.  Oh the things you get excited about with kids.  Unfortunately it hasn't happened again, and now I think she just wants to sit on the potty so she can wipe.

In this picture she's trying to get my camera which is basically the only way I could catch a smile.  She does not like getting her picture taken, and definitely will not smile for me.  She's an ornery little girl. 
This is the face she usually gives me.  Stinker.

She has really strong preferences: she will only wear this pink hat, she hates wearing jackets but if forced, she will wear a little thin fleece jacket she has, she is obsesses with putting her shoes on but will only wear the blue shoes because the buckle is a challenge, and the list goes on.
Things she has loved lately: reading (especially Clifford...kind of getting sick of ol' Clifford), listening to music (especially Disney songs, and she has loved listening with head phones lately), going to the mall (so we can go to the pet store and the Disney store), Chipotle, special treats, milk, peanut butter and honey sandwiches (, eating dinner by candle light, playing on the monkey bars, swinging "high," jumping on her bed and off her bed, watching Curious George (I think she would actually would watch just about anything we let her...not necessarily a good thing), singing, being "nakey," building tents with dad.
 I love the way her nose wrinkles when she talks. 

Things she hates lately: any adult dressed in costume (the Chick Fil A cow, santa, etc), bed time and nap time (basically sleeping), being told what to do, being told she needs to wear clothes, when I leave to go to work or to go to the gym, being left in her Tiny Tots class at church or the gym nursery
 She certainly keeps us on our toes but she is such a joy!

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  1. Hold the phone. There's a pet store at the mall?! How did I not know this? Adeline will lose her mind with happiness.

    I love your feisty girl. :)