Friday, November 6, 2009

Beautiful Fall!

Kev and I love the fall! What a great time of year...the weather is perfect, the leaves are changing, holidays are right around the corner. What's not to like? Recently, we have been taking advantage of the beautiful weather by reading outside on our deck. As you might imagine, Truman is thrilled to have company outside. He is so excited, that as soon as we get outside, he begins eating all of the acorns off our deck. I never see him eating acorns unless we are outside with him, and no matter how much we tell him no, he continues to eat them.

So not only is it extremely annoying to hear him noisily eating the acorns, but being the concerned owner that I am, it has made me very nervous. I'm afraid he will get a bowel obstruction because he has eaten so much junk and then will need surgery or something crazy like that. He is truly a crazy dog (after this post you might be thinking I am crazy as well).
Eating a large stick (in addition to acorns).

Finally settled down for a little sun-basking.

Mums on campus.

Did I mention I love the fall?


  1. He's a super cute dog. FYI: Aaron has not had to do a bowel obstruction surgery for acorns yet, so hopefully that's a good sign...

  2. I love your pictures! They are gorgeous.