Monday, November 16, 2009

Family fun time

Erica's parents
My mom and I
We had a special treat this weekend, because my parents came to Norman to visit. We actually had our 2nd annual joint family football/Using weekend. Wow, that's a long title. We started this "tradition" last year when both Kev's family and my family came to our house for a cookout, then the guys went to a football game and the girls went to USing. It was such a hit last year, we decided to do it again this year.

Kev and his dad

The moms

Seth and Lisa

Kev's amazing one arm's a gift.

The guys at the game.
The only major stressor of the weekend guessed it...Truman. We had high hopes because he has been more behaved recently with guests, however this was not a weekend he decided to be on his best behavior. It all started when my parents walked in the door and he literally went crazy...jumping on them, licking, was total chaos. I like to think it was Molly's fault (my parents' chihuahua), but she honestly did nothing wrong but walk in the door. I'm not sure what came over Truman. Whatever it was, it was definitely not good.

Don't let this innocent face fool you!

I was nervously anticipating when everyone was here on Saturday, including our 2 year-old nephew. Truman actually behaved better than I was anticipating but did something totally unexpected. When everyone was gone to the game/USing, we just let Molly run around and she peed in our living room. The girls made it back before the guys, and as we were chatting at the kitchen table, I watched in horror as Truman hiked his leg toward the coffee table. I think I was truly stunned for a moment, unable to say anything, because I thought surely, surely he did not just pee in our house. He hasn't peed in the house since he was a puppy! I mean, seriously, he just learned to hike his leg and pee like this past month (we thought maybe it had something to do with getting him fixed). So I run over to punish him, and to my added horror, I realize not only has he peed in our living room, but he peed on Kevin's mom's purse!! What are the chances?! Of all the places in all the living room, he chose her purse. Thankfully we were all able to laugh about it, but we are definitely watching him like a hawk now! Life with Truman is never boring!

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  1. Truman is so funny! I can't believed he peed in Kevin's moms's purse.