Sunday, November 8, 2009

Fall work

As I posted in my last blog, I love fall. But today, I was reminded of one aspect of fall I don't like as well...all the leaves on the ground. Kev and I decided to tackle the big chore of raking and bagging the leaves in our backyard. One word...exhausting. We live in an older neighborhood so we love the big trees in our backyard, but it is incredible how many leaves they make. We tried to pretend like we were doing a roadblock on the Amazing Race (love the show), but that lost its glamor after awhile. Truman tried to do his part by eating all of the sticks out of our leave piles, but it still took forever.

So you'll be happy to know we pushed through and bagged all our leave piles. Except there are two very defeating things about raking leaves: 1) you can't get all the leaves so it doesn't look like you've accomplished that much, 2) one of our trees still has lots of leaves on it. Oh anticipation of more raking and bagging. Fun times!


  1. I L-O-V-E Amazing Race!!! It's our favorite show. I'm totally wishing we could go on there. (Although I'd probably be the crazy girl who yells alot.)

  2. We need to rake leaves too, but just like you I know there will be more leaves as soon as we get ours picked up. Plus yard work is just not fun.