Sunday, February 28, 2010


So every since people started finding out I was pregnant, I feel the same two questions over and over. First, how are you feeling and second, are you having any weird cravings.

It's always very difficult to answer how I'm feeling, I mean how much information do people really want? Some days I feel very tired and nauseated but that seems to be getting better as time goes by. Sometimes I have abdominal discomfort that of course makes me very anxious and makes me analyze everything it could possibly be, so in turn I am probably completely distracted. Some days I feel fat because nothing I tried that morning fit the way it used to, and I'm still trying to adjust to this in between phase. I usually feel very excited and blessed to be pregnant at all and excited to see the ways my body is changing. However, I usually answer this question with a simple "good."

As far as weird cravings, I don't feel like I've wanted anything totally bizarre. My first craving according to Kev was fried okra, and if you know me, I very rarely eat fried foods. At first, I really liked sandwiches and cheese, but now I really don't crave either one. I can't tolerate coffee in the morning which makes me really sad because I usually drink coffee DAILY. Now I really love green tea (decaf) which I didn't really love before. I can't stand green onions, and I try to avoid anything with lots of onions and garlic. I have totally changed my morning routine from oats and walnuts everyday to Kashi cereal (1 particular kind) with 1 boiled egg.

So if any of you have been thinking of asking these 2 questions, here's your answers.


  1. It's really funny how things change when you're pregnant. I kinda thought people were making it up a little, but my baby is pretty opinionated in there. My decisions seem to be made for me on what I will or won't eat. I'm SO glad to get to follow your pregnancy!!!

  2. Dear Ramblings of a Pregnant Woman!,

    I love your new style of blogging! BJ and I just cracked up because we could totally hear you saying that whole blog! haha, "but then I simply answer good!" You're cute! We are so excited for you guys. Know that we are praying for you both and the little baby on the way! We can't wait to find out if Olivia will have a new boy or girl friend!! P.S-how are you feeling?! haha

  3. Oh, how is Truman taking the news?!?!

  4. You ate fried okra?! That is hard for me to believe. You are definitely pregnant. :)

  5. Let me know when you crave something i can cook for you, i owe you one, remember? :)