Friday, May 21, 2010


That's right, I found out yesterday I failed my 1 hour glucose tolerance test. For those of you who haven't experienced pregnancy and don't know what I'm talking about, to check for gestational diabetes, they make you drink this disgustingly sweet potion (mine was fruit punch) then check your blood sugar after 1 hour. Since my glucose was higher than normal, I have to go back in the next week for a 3 hour glucose tolerance test. I can have nothing to eat or drink after midnight, then they make me drink TWICE as much of the sweet stuff. They will check my glucose 4 times: fasting, after 1 hour, 2 hours, then 3 hours. Aren't you jealous?

It is such a shock to fail something you can't control. It actually feels like my body has failed me in a way. I have no family history of diabetes, exercise 5 days/week, am not overweight, and really have no risk factors for having gestational diabetes. I don't want to jump to conclusions because I know my next test could be okay, it was still so surprising. But I keep thinking, even if I do have to give myself injections of insulin daily and check my blood sugar 4x/day, it is TOTALLY worth it!! I can't wait for Baby Girl to be here, and I can only be thankful things have been relatively uneventful so far.

So here's to 2 glasses of overly sweetened fruit punch...


  1. I have known tons of girls who have failed the 1st and went on to pass the 3 hour. So don't worry yet!

    My glucose dropped to 29 after 1 hour, so my test did not go that well either, just on the other end of the spectrum. I felt pretty bad!

    And you're right, even if you end up with GD, it's all worth it for that sweet little girl. Plus, you won't be pregnant much longer!!!

  2. I am sure that was frustrating, but just a small bump along the way. Just a few more months and you will have a baby girl! So exciting.