Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Weekend with the fam

We made the drive to Borger this past weekend to visit my family and go to our brother-in-law's graduation. It was great to be home. There is something about going home, even when you're an adult, that makes you feel like a kid again. You have such few responsibilities, someone's cooking and deciding on all the meals, no chores...we don't realize how good we have it until we're gone.

The one thing I didn't remember was how boring graduations offense Marcus. I was frankly surprised at how long and boring it was, now that we are hopefully finished with any type of graduation ceremonies in both our families.

Fun times during the graduation.

Lacey, Marcus and his family.

Our family (minus Anja and Josh...we missed you guys!). Marcus, you make the rest of us look so short!

Truman with Vadar in the would be surprised how hard it was to get their picture together. Truman looks so happy in this picture to me!

Truman loves cousin Vadar. They play really well together and totally wear each other out!

Can't beat Texas panhandle sunsets!

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  1. Erica- you are so right! I get so spoiled when I go home, I love it! And yeah, nothing like those sunsets...