Friday, January 14, 2011

5 Months

How is it possible that our baby girl is 5 month (actually one week over 5 I behind or what)? I guess I'm probably going to say this every month, but every month I'm completely amazed at how quickly time goes. Here are some stats for our little cutie.
  • Wearing mainly 6-9 month clothes. Sometimes I still squeeze her into 3-6 months clothes, but they don't seem very comfortable. I'm ready for us to stay in the same stage of clothing for over a month. I feel like she hardly wears things before she grows out of them.
  • Wearing size 3 diapers, but as I said in a previous post, this has not helped our blowout diaper "issue."
  • Still eating 5 times a day. She eats 6 ounces when we give her a bottle.
  • She still takes a nap in between every feeding, but she has been going through a stage where she wants to wake up early from her nap so she's still grumpy. Grumpy girl=not as fun girl. Hopefully we move on from this stage quickly.
  • Her last feeding is at 8:30 and she usually sleeps until 6:30 or 7, and on occasion, 7:30.
  • We moved from swaddling and she is now sleeping on her tummy (gasp) in the sleep sack. She seems to be sleeping great!
"Flying" with dad
  • She stays awake about 1 and 1/2 hours between feedings. I always think she'll be able to go longer, but lo and behold, after that time has passed, she gets really cranky and loves to go to sleep. She's definitely a sleeper!
  • She is actually liking her car seat (ANY trip we ever made before she would cry), and LOVES her giraffe from Grandma that's big enough for her to reach.
  • She still loves her activity gym and her new and improved bouncer (thanks to Mimi hanging fun rings on it), and her new play toy is her jumper. She's not totally sold on this one yet but we just started using it.
  • She loves to sit up and she can pretty much sit *almost* unassisted. She still topples over if she looks too much to the side.
  • She is loving her toys (especially the ball Jill, BJ and Olivia gave her...thanks guys) and loves to grab things now, although she still moves at a super slow speed. I can still thwart her every move but I know there will come a day when her hand speed will pick up and I'll really have to watch out.
She loves to grab our faces which is SO sweet...even though it can really hurt. I've got claw marks to prove it.

She also has been giving open mouth "kisses" (at least that's what I call them). I'm not sure if she's actually giving kisses or just sucking my face, but it's still so sweet.
  • She's rolled over several more times, but it is definitely still not something she does often. She can push herself all the way up on her hands (so she looks like a seal), but just won't tuck and roll.
  • She loves to suck/bite her hands, our hands, toys, burp rags...basically everything in her path. Maybe teething?
  • Still loves to read and she (and I) are really enjoying her new books she got for Christmas. However, she has lost the attention span to read long books so short and rhyming it is.
  • She got her first hair cut this month from Mimi. Nothing drastic but her bangs were in her eyes and she was definitely working on a mullet. Not a good look even for a baby.
  • She still has never: eaten solid foods or been left in the nursery. I know, I'm that mom. We're working on doing both. :)
  • She loves singing and talking.
  • She has started smiling *slightly* more at strangers, but don't hold your breath expecting one. She loves watching little kids and really intently watches new people, but she doesn't want to smile at them. Our little thinker.
  • She loves looking at "the baby in the mirror." She's shocked by how cute she is. :)
There is so much more I could share (and I'm sure as soon as I hit publish I'll think of more I had intended to say), but pretty much she is the best, most fun, cutest baby EVER (in our opinion), and we are loving EVERY day we have with her!!
Just playing with dad!


  1. So cute! We love reading about Baby E!!! We are so glad that she likes her ball! Olivia plays with hers all the time! 2 things: I can't believe she has enough hair to get a haircut!! and Olivia gives us kisses like she gives you! It's totally a kiss! Also, we miss you guys so much and really want to meet Elliott!

  2. Erica, I love the updated stats and pics! So cute as always. I love that picture where she's squooshed up against your face. Love it. She sounds like my kind of baby! :D

  3. Love all the pictures! I had a great time with you both yesterday.

  4. I love that you give these updates on Elliott! It's amazing how fast they grow. She's absolutely precious and looking more and more like her gorgeous parents everyday :)