Friday, January 21, 2011

First solids

So we took the plunge...probably not much of a plunge for the majority out there...and we gave Miss Elliott her first taste of rice cereal last night. I debated back and forth whether or not to mix it with breast milk or water (pediatrician recommended water because they don't get much in at first so she said don't "waste" your milk), and I ended up deciding breast milk because it made the cereal sound slightly more appetizing (at least when I was trying to imagine what she might think).

She actually did really well and I think actually consumed a small amount, but she wasn't totally convinced. Truman on the other hand, was totally sold by my "mmm" noises and airplane food moves and was begging for me to give him a taste. He kept resting his head on my arm and desperately trying to get his snout close enough to get a bite. It was quite a fiasco as I'm sure you can imagine. Now if only she would act that excited we'd be in business. Her favorite part of the whole feeding was her new bib, which she was completely enthralled by. Oh the simple pleasures in life. I guess we'll see how it goes tonight.

For some reason, I have had a really hard time introducing solids to her. I think part of my hesitation was it seems to make our life a little more complicated. I mean, let's face it, once they get the hang of it, breast feeding is SO easy. Yeah, I don't love pumping. Yeah, your body is not your own for a while, but I don't have to make a bottle, heat a bottle, I can take it anywhere I get the picture. In my opinion, pretty easy. So add food to the mix, I have to breast feed her, then give her solids, then try to have dinner for us as well. Call me lazy, it just seems a little more complicated. I also really want to try making her food, so that has added a whole new element. I don't think it will be difficult (at least that's what my friends say), I know it will just take a little planning.

So as of today, I have a food processor, a covered ice tray for freezing/storing, Cooking for Baby by Lisa Barnes, and this helpful website I still need to buy the fruit/veggies to start and I guess I will be ready. I was thinking about trying avocado next.

So here's my questions for you moms out there. Did you wait to freeze food until your baby had tried it and not had a reaction? Or did you take a weekend to make several foods, freeze them, then just get rid of them if they had any reaction? Also, do you mix your foods with water or breast milk/formula? What were some of your first foods to try? My book recommends avocado, bananas, peas, squash/pumpkin, zucchini, sweet potato, apples, pears. Let me know your thoughts.

Here are a few pictures of Elliott's first eating experience.
"I'm ready mom!"
Obviously if I open my mouth really big she'll do the same thing...or not.
"Hmmm...not sure what I think about that."
Such a big girl in her high chair!


  1. Maryn's favorite part was her new plastic bib too - hilarious!

  2. Paisley loves avocado and sweet potatoes. I don't mix anything in with either one. She likes them to be thicker, so I leave them alone. And I stopped giving cereal all together because it was clogging her up totally. I'm proud of you for taking the big plunge, but I totally understand your hesitation. I love the simplicity of nursing!!!

  3. Okay we tried peas first and Pearce gagged until he threw up. We felt awful. Avacado and sweet potatoes were always safe. And pears. (but I think I remember that pears and apples can stop them up?)

  4. I was afraid to make my own baby food - you know, first child, extra careful. So, i started with store baby food, once Alex tried several varieties - and was still 'alive' and tried making my own. To my surprise, he actually preferred homemade ones. It was easier for me to make a months worth of baby food. I used this website:

    It gives: recipes, instructions, labels, shopping list, everything you need to make a month worth of fruit, veggies, meals for baby.
    I hope this is helpful.

  5. Well it looks like she did pretty well for the first time! Mom showed me the video you sent her and it was so cute...including Truman's head on the table:) Love ya'll!

  6. My pediatrician does all the veggies first, then the combos, then the fruits and cereal last. So Callie has tried green beans, peas, carrots, and sweet potatos. I still don't think she quite gets the idea yet so I'm just cycling through the veggies until she gets the hang of it. I'd like to make some of my own food but haven't had time to investigate too far into it. I'm glad you have some of your resources so I can look through that too! Elliot's a doll as always!

  7. Hey! I was pretty sad to give up the exclusive bf too, but they have to grow up. I thought it took a lot of blending to get the pea skins to puree, so I started with sweet potatoes, no add-ins just baked/microwaved, mashed with a little water. Then pears and applesauce, then peas, butternut squash, carrots, and now she eats almost anything.
    Breakfast: multi-grain cereal w/ blueberries
    Lunch: peas, shredded chicken, applesauce
    Snack: black beans and cheese and raisins
    Dinner: whatever we're having--I just take her portion out before I spice it