Friday, January 7, 2011

First of all, thank you all for such helpful comments! It is so great to hear others' experiences and also realize my child is not abnormal. On the blowout situation, I am hoping it improves once we start her on cereal (which has been hard for me to want to start for some reason). I checked her diapers and they are supposed to be for weights up to 24 pounds (she's a little over 17 pounds), so we seem good there, and I would like to try a different brand...but of course we just got our box in the mail from Amazon. I guess I'll work my way through these first and then go from there. Here's a couple of pics of our sweet girl from Wednesday. Not great quality because I took them with my iPhone.
I love my new outfit! I don't even want to look up because I'm so fascinated by the lace!
Cute face!

On a non-baby note (yes, I realize she seems to consume my blog these days), Kev has made this week so special for me and I thought I would share. My birthday is Saturday (hard to believe), so starting Monday, he has called it my "birthday week." Drawn out surprises? Yes please. So Monday he surprised me at the office with a two pump, extra hot Carmel Macchiato. delicious. I got off early on Tuesday so he took a half day so we could just hang out. I am a quality time girl, so this definitely blessed me. Wednesday, he took me out for breakfast to one of our favorite places...the Diner. Gotta love the fish pictures on the wall and the food is delicious! Thursday, I was greeted with this on our blackboard:
So throughout the day I found a Starbucks gift card in my car, M&Ms in my milk storage bags, Orbitz gum in my lab coat, an Orange Leaf gift card in my pump bag, Jason's Deli gift card in the microwave, and a Target gift card attached to the chocolate syrup (yes, I drink chocolate milk almost of my favorite treats). Does this guy know me or what? I felt so incredibly blessed that he went to so much effort to make my week special! I look forward to what the next couple of days hold. I think we are going on a date on Saturday (my mom will be in town), and I'm thinking sushi might hit my spot. Good sushi's hard to beat!!

Elliott's 5 month post is coming soon!


  1. Happy Birthday!! I love Kevin's idea of the birthday week. Super sweet! :)

    Cereal was not a great match for our once-a-day pooper. She got really constipated and really fussy. So, maybe it will help Elliott to balance out into less messy poops! Good luck!

  2. Happy Birthday girly! How sweet is your hubbie!!! Tell him I said good job, very impressed! Sounds like you had an amazing birthday!

  3. Happy Birthday today! I love all the birthday surprises-he is so thoughtful. Oh, and I am also a quality time girl ;)

  4. How Sweet! I'll gladly help you with that Orange Leaf gift card. =)