Friday, January 28, 2011


It seems slightly odd to post pictures of Miss Elliott in her winter hat when it's 70 degrees outside today (aka HEAVEN), but these were too cute to resist. This was my attempt at a photo shoot. Not as good as Daddy, but we're getting there.
"Not sure what to think about this Mom."
"I'm trying to tell you something but it is really difficult when my finger is in my mouth."
"Mom, I'm so embarrassed you posted this picture because you can see my drool marks."
Not a great picture but sometimes it's difficult to capture a smile.
My favorite!
And not to be excluded, the Monster, soaking up some rays...and watching for people/things to bark at.


  1. Aww maybe I do need to come see her next weekend:) She's so precious and I think she needs some lovin' from her Aunt!

  2. Ummm total cuteness! I love babies in hats! She is darling!

  3. So it's about time for a new blog with some cute pics of Elliott. I keep checking(more than once daily)..and am disappointed each time..just saying:) Miss ya'll!!

  4. Always love to see Truman make the blog!!! I wish I were there to hold his bone while he chomps on it!!! Elliott is so cute! And I love the hat!