Friday, August 12, 2011

Happy Birthday! has been a little busy lately. Not very conducive to blogging. Actually, I have had lots of blog topics in my mind but we STILL don't have internet (and won't for another week). Highly annoying and inconvenient. But it brief recap, we made it to South Bend after 2 grueling days in the car. It actually wasn't that bad, but pretty sure we couldn't have made it without my mom and dad. Kev drove our enormous U-Haul, pulling one of our cars and my dad rode with him, and my mom entertained Elliott while I drove our other car. We stopped in St. Louis for the night to visit my aunt and uncle.

Once we got to South Bend, my parents stayed with us for a week to help us unpack, clean, etc. They were LIFESAVERS!!! I thought multiple times, "no way we could have done this without them." They left last Tuesday, and it was definitely a tearful goodbye. Kev doesn't start school for a week so we have just been hanging out, exploring, and trying to finish the last 20% of things to do in our house. Oh, did I mention we have been trying to soak up all of this beautiful weather? The high has been in the 80s every reminds me of Fall in Oklahoma. We have been taking multiple walks a day and just enjoying being outside. I know that will change soon enough when the cold hits...don't remind me.

Elliott has adjusted to our new home like a pro. She doesn't act like anything is any different. Truman is a different story. I would definitely say he has been the MOST traumatized out of us all. He has been particularly anxious and down right annoying, but he seems to be calming down some. Poor guy misses his doggy door. So I definitely plan on posting pics of our house soon, but I thought for today I'd post some long overdue birthday pics. Enjoy!

The spread.
The dessert.
Birthday girl!
So I hadn't given Miss E any sweets until her birthday. She definitely enjoyed her cupcake...but not as much as she enjoys her eggs. :)
Happy girl excited about her presents!
Such a big girl!
I can't believe she is actually 1!!!

We had SO much fun at her birthday (and I think she did too). It never ceases to amaze me that a year has already passed!

Totally anticlimatic, but I'm having a little BOY!! So fun!


  1. Wow! Can't believe it's already been a year. She is a beautiful little girl Erica. And I'm so excited you're having a boy - congrats!

  2. Happy birthday big girl! Everything looked precious, good job Erica!