Thursday, June 17, 2010

31 weeks, 4 days

So we didn't take the 31 week pictures right on Saturday, but better late than never. Baby E seems to be really growing which is exciting! I've always wondered if certain aches and pains I've had were round ligament pain...this past week that all changed. I realized I have not experienced them before but am now. Basically every time I stand up, start walking, etc I have sharp pains in my groin. Very interesting. I feel like I am having to do life a little slower...walk slower, get up slower.

Besides that, I've been feeling pretty good! I have my first shower in 1 week and I am so excited! I'm excited because my mom and sisters are all driving down to come to it. I saw my doctor on Wednesday and Baby Girl's heart rate was 154, I'm still measuring 1 week small, and he said everything looks great! I feel like I am getting more and more excited and yet more anxious wondering how big and uncomfortable I will get. Did I mention that I am unbelievably hot all of the time. That's definitely the best part. :) I guess we'll see what the summer holds!


  1. Woo- this summer has been really hot for me so far! Can't wait for July and August...

    You look so incredible and I'm amazed at how compact your adorable belly is. Glad everything is going well!!!

  2. Yay! Looking good! I saw your parents this weekend and they are just beside themselves with excitement! What an amazing time for y'all-have fun at your shower!

  3. You have to be the cutest little pregers ever!'s just a little round ball! I'm so sad I can't come to your baby shower, what are the odd's that Lucy's 1st b-day party would be on the same day and time? You'll have to post tons of pictures!

  4. So Cute! It's crazy to see you this big!!! I love it! We can't wait to see you guys!!