Friday, June 4, 2010


I saw my doctor on Wednesday so I thought I would give a quick update. Baby Girl is measuring right on track and her heart beat was 140. Never get tired of that sound! He said I "really failed" my 1 hour glucose tolerance test and if my glucose was 11 points higher, they would have automatically diagnosed me with gestational diabetes, regardless of my 3 hour test results. Awesome. Thankfully, I wasn't 11 points higher and I passed my 3 hour. Thank you Lord!

He then proceeded to ask me questions about the contractions I've been having (do they start from the bottom or top of your uterus, how long do they last, etc), which I couldn't answer. I think I try to ignore them because I think maybe it will make them go away. They have still been mucho better since starting calcium. I mentioned in passing surgery was getting more difficult (we had a 4 hour case on Monday and I could NOT cool down...ended up having to put on a vest that ice cold water circulates through, sweet relief). He said I should not be doing 4 hour cases, and that at the most I should be doing 1 &1/2 hour cases and resting in between. He said it is too much pressure on my cervix and would make me go into labor early or need to be put on bedrest. Both bad options in my books. Hopefully we can avoid both.

I see him in 2 more weeks, and in the meantime, I'm going to be doing lots of sitting...


  1. Everything sounds great! I'm so so glad to hear it. And yes, take it easy on the surgeries from now on! Love you friend! Oh and by the way...just learned you could have contractions this early. Who knew? Thanks for the new info ;)

  2. I'm glad you squeaked by on the G.D. screening. I can't imagine how I'd survive this pregnancy on chicken and veggies.

    Probably a good idea to get more rest and definitely doing shorter cases! I keep trying to balance how hard I can work with not ending up on bed rest. It's hard to know what you're body will tolerate. Just take it easy!