Sunday, June 13, 2010

Soccer Saturday

First of all, thanks for all the great responses about our car dilemma! It was really helpful hearing different peoples' opinions and experiences. I'll let ya know what we decide (whenever that may be).

So for those of you who aren't really into soccer, the World Cup started last week and the first USA game was on Saturday. I actually never really grew up watching or playing soccer, and I think the first game I ever watched was 4 years ago at the last World Cup. Then Kev played in an outdoor league for awhile (which after my initial exposure to the World Cup fell short in comparison), so I started learning the rules and appreciating the game more. Kev, on the other hand, started playing soccer when he was 4, and although he doesn't watch tons of soccer during the year, is a huge fan of the World Cup...he has been absolutely giddy with excitement. There are very few things that make him this excited...actually, we had to change the date of our planned childbirth class because it fell on Saturday, the big game.

For those of you who didn't get to watch the game, it ended in a tie. This is one thing I don't like about soccer. A tie is so anticlimatic. I guess it's better than losing, but then there is no clear winner. I can't think of another sport (I could definitely be wrong on this bold assumption) that allows the outcome to be a draw. I guess we were expected to lose so maybe you could consider that a win for USA, but I still think it's a pretty sorry ending.

After the game, Kev had an indoor soccer game, and he was definitely pumped up to play. You'll be happy to know they won 6-5 and it was a nail-biter. He also scored a goal...makes me feel like a proud parent. Needless to say, we spent a good chunk of Saturday watching soccer. I hope that our kids will want to play soccer because I have really grown to enjoy the sport...I guess will see what Baby Girl wants to do.


  1. Ties should definitely not happen in sports. What a boring ending!

    Aaron is also WAY excited about the world cup, but I am very not... It's one of those sports that I just can't seem to get into.

    Good luck with the car decision. It's a tough one and I'm still panicked about buying mine.

  2. I'm with ya sister about the tie! ahh so frustrating! Andrew has been so excited about the World Cup as well. He always has something on about the World Cup. Don't you think it always sounds like bees flying around? Drive me crazy! BTW- I would vote Honda CRV-my sis has one and I LOVE it! and so does she!