Monday, June 28, 2010

33 weeks

Wow! It's hard to believe 29 weeks have passed since I first found out I was pregnant. I am so thankful for the 33 weeks God has given me to carry our sweet baby girl...such a blessing!

I'm trying to think of interesting things to update. Hmmm...I'm still feeling okay but progressively a little more uncomfortable and slow. I think I had my first experience with sciatic pain last week during surgery, and wow, was that painful. Thankfully it got better after a couple of days. I literally felt like I could not stand on my leg, and I had to walk with a limp...pretty humorous. I still haven't had much reflux to speak of although I can definitely tell I can't eat as much at 1 sitting. Oh, and did I mention I'm still incredibly hot? I definitely sweat like it's going out of style...really attractive.

Other than that, I feel baby girl move pretty often and it is actually painful at times. It definitely never gets old. My whole family was in town this past weekend for our first baby shower (yay) which was so much fun! It was all around a fabulous weekend. So I feel like this is a really boring post, but I promise there will be better ones to come. Get excited about the posts to come: first baby shower and nursery pics.

My shirts still hanging in there!


  1. You are definitely growing now!!! Still absolutely the cutest pregnant person ever. I'm putting in my guess that you leave the hospital in your pre-pregnancy clothes. :)

    I'm slower, more uncomfortable and sweatier than ever too. The summer heat provides such an interesting challenge...

  2. I agree with Amber that you'll leave in pre-pregnancy clothes but I'm betting she will too. You look great Erica - wish I could pass you along some of my cold natured-ness...looking forward to your other posts!

  3. So exciting--you're so close! You are absolutely adorable and ALL belly!